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  • Foxes are afraid of the noise of the drum; (but) the wise man beats it ever so much, saying, “Speak not!”
  • روبهان ترسند ز آواز دهل ** عاقلش چندان زند که لا تقل‏
  • The story of an archer and his fear of a horseman who was riding in a forest.
  • قصه‏ی تیر اندازی و ترسیدن او از سواری که در بیشه می‏رفت‏
  • A horseman, armed and very terrible (in appearance), was riding in the forest on a high-bred horse.
  • یک سواری با سلاح و بس مهیب ** می‏شد اندر بیشه بر اسبی نجیب‏
  • An expert archer espied him, and then from fear of him drew his bow,
  • تیر اندازی به حکم او را بدید ** پس ز خوف او کمان را در کشید
  • To shoot an arrow. The horseman shouted to him, “I am a weakling, though my body is big. 3165
  • تا زند تیری سوارش بانگ زد ** من ضعیفم گر چه زفت استم جسد
  • Take heed! Take heed! Do not regard my bigness, for in the hour of battle I am less than an old woman.”
  • هان و هان منگر تو در زفتی من ** که کمم در وقت جنگ از پیر زن‏
  • “Pass on,” said he; “thou hast spoken well, else by reason of my fear I should have shot a barb at thee.”
  • گفت رو که نیک گفتی ور نه نیش ** بر تو می‏انداختم از ترس خویش‏
  • Many are they whom implements of war have slain, (since they held) such a sword in their hands, without the manhood (to use it).
  • بس کسان را کالت پیکار کشت ** بی‏رجولیت چنان تیغی به مشت‏
  • If you don the armour of Rustams, your soul goes (your life is lost) when you are not the man for it.
  • گر بپوشی تو سلاح رستمان ** رفت جانت چون نباشی مرد آن‏
  • Make your soul a shield and drop the sword, O son: whoever is headless (selfless) saves his head from this King. 3170
  • جان سپر کن تیغ بگذار ای پسر ** هر که بی‏سر بود از این شه برد سر
  • Those weapons of yours are your (selfish) contriving and plotting; they have sprung from you and at the same time have wounded your soul.
  • آن سلاحت حیله و مکر تو است ** هم ز تو زایید و هم جان تو خست‏