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  • The dove became secure from the talons of the hawk, the sheep took no precaution against the wolf.
  • شد کبوتر ایمن از چنگال باز ** گوسفند از گرگ ناورد احتراز
  • He (Solomon) became an arbitrator between enemies: he became a (means of establishing) oneness between the creatures that fly with wings.
  • او میانجی شد میان دشمنان ** اتحادی شد میان پر زنان‏
  • Thou art running after grain, like an ant. Hark! seek for Solomon! Why art thou still astray?
  • تو چو موری بهر دانه می‏دوی ** هین سلیمان جو چه می‏باشی غوی‏
  • To the seeker of grain his grain becomes a snare, but the seeker of Solomon may have both (Solomon and the grain). 3705
  • دانه جو را دانه‏اش دامی شود ** و آن سلیمان جوی را هر دو بود
  • In these latter days the soul-birds have no security from each other for a moment;
  • مرغ جانها را در این آخر زمان ** نیستشان از همدگر یک دم امان‏
  • (Yet) even in our epoch there is a Solomon who would give (us) peace and not suffer our injustice to continue.
  • هم سلیمان هست اندر دور ما ** کاو دهد صلح و نماند جور ما
  • Call to mind (the text), There is no people down to (the words) but in the past a warner dwelt among them.
  • قول إن من أمة را یاد گیر ** تا به إلا و خلا فیها نذیر
  • God said that verily there has never been a people devoid of a vicar of God and a man of spiritual power;
  • گفت خود خالی نبوده ست امتی ** از خلیفه‏ی حق و صاحب همتی‏
  • And he makes the soul-birds so unanimous that, in respect of sincerity, he purges them of (all) guile and rancour. 3710
  • مرغ جانها را چنان یکدل کند ** کز صفاشان بی‏غش و بی‏غل کند
  • They become (as) kind as a mother: he (Mohammed) said of the Moslems, “(They are as) one soul.”
  • مشفقان گردند همچون والده ** مسلمون را گفت نفس واحده‏