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  • Because the nightingale is silent without the rose-garden: the absence of the sun kills (the nightingale's) wakefulness.
  • ز آنکه بی‏گل‏زار بلبل خامش است ** غیبت خورشید بیداری کش است‏
  • O sun, thou takest leave of this rose-garden (the earth) in order to illumine (the region) below the earth;
  • آفتابا ترک این گلشن کنی ** تا که تحت الارض را روشن کنی‏
  • (But) the Sun of Divine knowledge has no motion: its place of rising is naught but the spirit and the intellect;
  • آفتاب معرفت را نقل نیست ** مشرق او غیر جان و عقل نیست‏
  • Especially the perfect Sun which is of yonder (world of Reality): day and night its action is (giving) illumination.
  • خاصه خورشید کمالی کان سری ست ** روز و شب کردار او روشنگری ست‏
  • If thou art an Alexander, come to the Sun's rising-place: after that, wheresoever thou goest, thou art possessed of goodly splendour. 45
  • مطلع شمس آی گر اسکندری ** بعد از آن هر جا روی نیکوفری‏
  • After that, wheresoever thou goest, ’twill become the place of sunrise: (all) the places of sunrise will be in love with thy place of sunset.
  • بعد از آن هر جا روی مشرق شود ** شرقها بر مغربت عاشق شود
  • Thy bat-like senses are running towards the sunset; thy pearl-scattering senses are faring towards the sunrise.
  • حس خفاشت سوی مغرب دوان ** حس در پاشت سوی مشرق روان‏
  • The way of (physical) sense-perception is the way of asses, O rider: have shame, O thou that art jostling (vying) with asses!
  • راه حس راه خران است ای سوار ** ای خران را تو مزاحم شرم دار
  • Besides these five (physical) senses there are five (spiritual) senses: those (latter) are like red gold, while these (physical) senses are like copper.
  • پنج حسی هست جز این پنج حس ** آن چو زر سرخ و این حسها چو مس‏
  • In the bazaar where the people of the Last Congregation (on the Day of Judgment) are (purchasers), how should they buy the copper sense like (as though it were) the sense of gold? 50
  • اندر آن بازار کایشان ماهرند ** حس مس را چون حس زر کی خرند