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  • O wonder! How doth this host not see a whole world filled with the morning sun?
  • ای عجب چون می‌نبیند این سپاه ** عالمی پر آفتاب چاشتگاه
  • Eyes open, and ears open, and this sun! I am amazed at God's eye-bandaging.
  • چشم باز و گوش باز و این ذکا ** خیره‌ام در چشم‌بندی خدا
  • I am amazed at them, and they too at me: (we are) from one springtime, (but) they are thorns and I am jasmine. 1110
  • من ازیشان خیره ایشان هم ز من ** از بهاری خار ایشان من سمن
  • I bore to them many a cup of pure wine: its juice turned to stone before this company.
  • پیششان بردم بسی جام رحیق ** سنگ شد آبش به پیش این فریق
  • I twined a handful of roses and carried it to them: every rose became as a thorn, and the honey turned to poison.
  • دسته گل بستم و بردم به پیش ** هر گلی چون خار گشت و نوش نیش
  • That (pure wine) is the portion allotted to the selfless: since they are with themselves (not freed from self), how should it be shown (to them)?
  • آن نصیب جان بی‌خویشان بود ** چونک با خویش‌اند پیدا کی شود
  • With us, one must needs be a waking sleeper, that in the state of wakefulness he may dream dreams.”
  • خفته‌ی بیدار باید پیش ما ** تا به بیداری ببیند خوابها
  • Thought of created things is an enemy to this sweet (waking) sleep: until his (any one's) thought is asleep, his throat is shut. 1115
  • دشمن این خواب خوش شد فکر خلق ** تا نخسپد فکرتش بستست حلق
  • A (mystical) bewilderment is needed to sweep (such) thought away: bewilderment devours (all) thought and recollection.
  • حیرتی باید که روبد فکر را ** خورده حیرت فکر را و ذکر را
  • The more perfect he is in (worldly) science, the more backward he is in reality and the more forward in appearance.
  • هر که کاملتر بود او در هنر ** او بمعنی پس بصورت پیشتر