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  • We are the fishes, and Thou the Sea of Life: we live by Thy favour, O Thou whose attributes are excellent.
  • ماهیانیم و تو دریای حیات ** زنده‌ایم از لطفت ای نیکو صفات
  • Thou art not contained in the bosom of any thought, nor art Thou joined with the effect, as a cause.
  • تو نگنجی در کنار فکرتی ** نی به معلولی قرین چون علتی
  • Before this Flood and after it, Thou hast been the object of my address in (every) colloquy.
  • پیش ازین طوفان و بعد این مرا ** تو مخاطب بوده‌ای در ماجرا
  • I was speaking with Thee, not with them, O Thou that art the Giver of speech (both) newly and of old.
  • با تو می‌گفتم نه با ایشان سخن ** ای سخن‌بخش نو و آن کهن
  • Is it not the case that the lover, day and night, converses now with the ruins (of the beloved's abode), now with the traces (of her habitation)? 1345
  • نه که عاشق روز و شب گوید سخن ** گاه با اطلال و گاهی با دمن
  • To outward seeming, he has turned his face towards the ruins, (but) to whom is he (really) saying that song of praise, to whom?
  • روی با اطلال کرده ظاهرا ** او کرا می‌گوید آن مدحت کرا
  • Thanks (be to Thee)! Now Thou hast let loose the Flood and removed the ruins which stood between (me and Thee).
  • شکر طوفان را کنون بگماشتی ** واسطه‌ی اطلال را بر داشتی
  • (I thank Thee) because they were vile and evil ruins, uttering neither a cry nor an echo.
  • زانک اطلال لیم و بد بدند ** نه ندایی نه صدایی می‌زدند
  • I desire such ruins to speak with as answer back, like the mountain, by an echo,
  • من چنان اطلال خواهم در خطاب ** کز صدا چون کوه واگوید جواب
  • So that I may hear Thy name redoubled, (for) I am in love with Thy soul-soothing name. 1350
  • تا مثنا بشنوم من نام تو ** عاشقم برنام جان آرام تو