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  • From the fruit that was bursting forcibly flashes of light would spurt forth, like juice.
  • میوه‌ای که بر شکافیدی ز زور ** همچو آب از میوه جستی برق نور
  • How those trees were invisible to the people.
  • مخفی بودن آن درختان ازچشم خلق
  • More wondrous (than all else) was this, that hundreds of thousands of people were passing through the desert and plain beside them,
  • این عجب‌تر که بریشان می‌گذشت ** صد هزاران خلق از صحرا و دشت
  • Hazarding their lives (ready to sacrifice everything) in desire for shade, and making a parasol out of a woollen garment, 2010
  • ز آرزوی سایه جان می‌باختند ** از گلیمی سایه‌بان می‌ساختند
  • And not seeing the shade of those (trees) at all. A hundred spittings on (such) distorted eyes!
  • سایه‌ی آن را نمی‌دیدند هیچ ** صد تفو بر دیده‌های پیچ پیچ
  • The wrath of God had sealed their eyes, so that he (such a one) should not see the moon, (but) should see (only) Suhá.
  • ختم کرده قهر حق بر دیده‌ها ** که نبیند ماه را بیند سها
  • He sees a mote, (but) not the sun; yet he is not despairing of the grace and loving kindness of God.
  • ذره‌ای را بیند و خورشید نه ** لیک از لطف و کرم نومید نه
  • The caravans are without food, and (yet) these fruits are dropping ripe (beside them): O God, what magic is this?
  • کاروانها بی نوا وین میوه‌ها ** پخته می‌ریزد چه سحرست ای خدا
  • With parched throats the people, having fallen pell-mell to plunder, were gathering the rotten apples, 2015
  • سیب پوسیده همی‌چیدند خلق ** درهم افتاده بیغما خشک‌حلق
  • (While) every leaf and bud of those boughs said continually, ‘Oh, would that my people knew!’
  • گفته هر برگ و شکوفه آن غصون ** دم بدم یا لیت قوم یعلمون
  • From the direction of every tree was coming the cry, ‘Come towards us, O ye folk of evil fortune,’
  • بانگ می‌آمد ز سوی هر درخت ** سوی ما آیید خلق شوربخت