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  • When I looked behind (me) to see what those noble ones were saying,
  • چون نگه کردم سپس تا بنگرم ** که چه می‌گویند آن اهل کرم
  • I did not see one of them in their place: they had all gone from their place.
  • یک ازیشان را ندیدم در مقام ** رفته بودند از مقام خود تمام
  • (They were) neither on the left nor on the right nor above nor below: my keen eye was unable to find the company (anywhere). 2290
  • نه به چپ نه راست نه بالا نه زیر ** چشم تیز من نشد بر قوم چیر
  • You might say that they were pearls (which) had become water: there was neither footprint nor any dust (to show where they had gone) in the desert.
  • درها بودند گویی آب گشت ** نه نشان پا و نه گردی بدشت
  • At that moment they all (had) entered into the tents of God: into what garden had the troop (of them) gone?
  • در قباب حق شدند آن دم همه ** در کدامین روضه رفتند آن رمه
  • I remained in amazement as to how God caused this company to be concealed from mine eye.”
  • درتحیر ماندم کین قوم را ** چون بپوشانید حق بر چشم ما
  • In such wise did they vanish from his eye, like the plunge of fishes into the water of a stream.
  • آنچنان پنهان شدند از چشم او ** مثل غوطه‌ی ماهیان در آب جو
  • During (many) years he continued to grieve for (the loss of) them; during (many) lifetimes he shed tears in longing for them. 2295
  • سالها درحسرت ایشان بماند ** عمرها در شوق ایشان اشک راند
  • You may say, “How should a man of God bring into view the thought of (take any thought of) human beings beside God?”
  • تو بگویی مرد حق اندر نظر ** کی در آرد با خدا ذکر بشر
  • You are in a hole here, O so-and-so, because you have regarded them as flesh, not as spirit.
  • خر ازین می‌خسپد اینجا ای فلان ** که بشر دیدی تو ایشان را نه جان