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  • The wicked man was killed and a whole world (of people) were quickened with life: every one became anew a (devoted) servant to God.
  • کشته شد ظالم جهانی زنده شد ** هر یکی از نو خدا را بنده شد
  • Explaining that Man’s fleshly soul is in the position of the murderer who had become a claimant on account of the cow, and that the slayer of the cow is the intellect, and that David is God or the Shaykh who is God’s vicar, by means, of whose strength and support it is possible to kill the wicked (murderer) and be enriched with (spiritual) daily bread that is not earned by labour and for which, there is no reckoning.
  • بیان آنک نفس آدمی بجای آن خونیست کی مدعی گاو گشته بود و آن گاو کشنده عقلست و داود حقست یا شیخ کی نایب حق است کی بقوت و یاری او تواند ظالم را کشتن و توانگر شدن به روزی بی‌کسب و بی‌حساب
  • Kill your fleshly soul and make the world (spiritually) alive; it (your fleshly soul) has killed its master: make it (your) slave.
  • نفس خود را کش جهانی را زنده کن ** خواجه را کشتست او را بنده کن
  • Hark! your fleshly soul is (as) the claimant (of compensation) for the cow: it has made itself a master and thief. 2505
  • مدعی گاو نفس تست هین ** خویشتن را خواجه کردست و مهین
  • The slayer of the cow is your intellect (rational soul): go, do not be offended with the’ slayer of the cow, (which is) your body.
  • آن کشنده‌ی گاو عقل تست رو ** بر کشنده گاو تن منکر مشو
  • The intellect is a captive and craves of God daily bread (won) without toil, and bounty (placed before it) on a tray.
  • عقل اسیرست و همی خواهد ز حق ** روزیی بی رنج و نعمت بر طبق
  • Upon what does its daily bread (won) without toil depend? Upon its killing the cow is the origin of (all) evil
  • روزی بی رنج او موقوف چیست ** آنک بکشد گاو را کاصل بدیست
  • The fleshly soul says, “How shouldst thou kill my ‘cow’?-because the “cow” of the fleshly soul is the (outward) form of the body.
  • نفس گوید چون کشی تو گاو من ** زانک گاو نفس باشد نقش تن
  • The intellect, (typified by) the master’s son, is left destitute, (while) the fleshly soul, (typified by) the murderer, has become a master and leader. 2510
  • خواجه‌زاده‌ی عقل مانده بی‌نوا ** نفس خونی خواجه گشت و پیشوا
  • Do you know what is the daily bread (won) without toil? It is the food of spirits and the daily bread of the prophet.
  • روزی بی‌رنج می‌دانی که چیست ** قوت ارواحست و ارزاق نبیست
  • But it depends upon sacrificing the cow: know (that) the (spiritual) treasure (is found) in (sacrifice of) the cow, O you who dig in (holes and) corners!
  • لیک موقوفست بر قربان گاو ** گنج اندر گاو دان ای کنج‌کاو