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  • By the sanctity of the pure Essence and Attributes of Him, for whose sake the collar of Heaven is rent,
  • حرمت ذات و صفات پاک او ** که بود گردون گریبان‌چاک او
  • (I swear) that the spells and the Most Great Name which I pronounced over the deaf and the blind were good (in their effects). 2585
  • کان فسون و اسم اعظم را که من ** بر کر و بر کور خواندم شد حسن
  • I pronounced (them) over the stony mountain: it was cloven and tore upon itself its mantle down to the navel.
  • بر که سنگین بخواندم شد شکاف ** خرقه را بدرید بر خود تا بناف
  • I pronounced (them) over the corpse: it came to life. I pronounced (them) over nonentity: it became entity.
  • برتن مرده بخواندم گشت حی ** بر سر لاشی بخواندم گشت شی
  • I pronounced them lovingly over the heart of the fool hundreds of thousands of times, and ’twas no cure (for his folly).
  • خواندم آن را بر دل احمق بود ** صد هزاران بار و درمانی نشد
  • He became hard rock and changed not from that disposition; he became sand from which no produce grows.”
  • سنگ خارا گشت و زان خو بر نگشت ** ریگ شد کز وی نروید هیچ کشت
  • Said the other, “What is the reason that the Name of God availed there, (while) it had no advantage (good effect) here? 2590
  • گفت حکمت چیست کنجا اسم حق ** سود کرد اینجا نبود آن را سبق
  • That (physical infirmity) is disease too, and this (folly) is a disease: why did it (the Name of God) not become a cure for this, since it cured that?”
  • آن همان رنجست و این رنجی چرا ** او نشد این را و آن را شد دوا
  • He (Jesus) said, “The disease of folly is (the result of) the wrath of God; (physical) disease and blindness are not (the result of Divine) wrath: they are (a means of) probation.”
  • گفت رنج احمقی قهر خداست ** رنج و کوری نیست قهر آن ابتلاست
  • Probation is a disease that brings (Divine) mercy (in its train); folly is a disease that brings (Divine) rejection.
  • ابتلا رنجیست کان رحم آورد ** احمقی رنجیست کان زخم آورد