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  • The prophet's soul hath no friend except God: he hath naught to do with the acceptance or rejection of (his message by) the people. 2930
  • غیر حق جان نبی را یار نیست ** با قبول و رد خلقش کار نیست
  • The reward for delivering His messages comes from Him (God): we have become hateful and wear the aspect of enemies (to the people) for the Beloved's sake.
  • مزد تبلیغ رسالاتش ازوست ** زشت و دشمن‌رو شدیم از بهر دوست
  • At this (Divine) Portal we are not weary, so that we should halt everywhere because of the distance of the way.
  • ما برین درگه ملولان نیستیم ** تا ز بعد راه هر جا بیستیم
  • Oppressed in heart and weary is that one (alone) who is in prison through being parted from the Friend.
  • دل فرو بسته و ملول آنکس بود ** کز فراق یار در محبس بود
  • The Heart-ravisher and Desired One is present with us: amidst the largesse of His mercy our souls are giving thanks.
  • دلبر و مطلوب با ما حاضرست ** در نثار رحمتش جان شاکرست
  • In our hearts is an anemone-field and rose-garden: there is no way (of entrance) for old age and decay; 2935
  • در دل ما لاله‌زار و گلشنیست ** پیری و پژمردگی را راه نیست
  • We are ever fresh and young and gracious, unfaded and sweet and laughing and debonair.
  • دایما تر و جوانیم و لطیف ** تازه و شیرین و خندان و ظریف
  • To us a hundred years are the same as a single hour, for long and short (time) is a thing disjoined from us.
  • پیش ما صد سال و یکساعت یکیست ** که دراز و کوته از ما منفکیست
  • That length and shortness is in bodies (alone): where is that long and short in the soul?
  • آن دراز و کوتهی در جسمهاست ** آن دراز و کوته اندر جان کجاست
  • The three hundred and nine years of the Men of the Cave seemed to them one day (that passed) without grief and woe;
  • سیصد و نه سال آن اصحاب کهف ** پیششان یک روز بی اندوه و لهف