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  • That woman used to bear a son every year, (but) he never lived more than six months;
  • آن زنی هر سال زاییدی پسر ** بیش از شش مه نبودی عمرور
  • Either (in) three months or four months he would perish. The woman made lamentation, crying, “Alas, O God, 3400
  • یاسه مه یا چار مه گشتی تباه ** ناله کرد آن زن که افغان ای اله
  • For nine months I have the burden (of pregnancy), and for three months I have joy: my happiness is fleeter than the rainbow.”
  • نه مهم بارست و سه ماهم فرح ** نعمتم زوتر رو از قوس قزح
  • That woman, because of the terrifying anguish (which she suffered), used to make this plaintive outcry before the men of God.
  • پیش مردان خدا کردی نفیر ** زین شکایت آن زن از درد نذیر
  • In this wise twenty children (of hers) went into the grave: a fire (of destruction) fell swiftly upon their lives,
  • بیست فرزند این‌چنین در گور رفت ** آتشی در جانشان افتاد تفت
  • Till, one night, there was shown to her (the vision of) a garden everlasting, verdant, delectable, and ungrudged.
  • تا شبی بنمود او را جنتی ** باقیی سبزی خوشی بی ضنتی
  • I have called the Unconditioned Bounty a garden, since it is the source of (all) bounties and the assembly of (all) gardens; 3405
  • باغ گفتم نعمت بی‌کیف را ** کاصل نعمتهاست و مجمع باغها
  • Otherwise, (it is that which) no eye hath beheld: what place is there for (how is it proper to speak of) a garden? (Yet the term “garden” may be applied to it): God hath called the Light of the Unseen “a lamp.”
  • ورنه لا عین رات چه جای باغ ** گفت نور غیب را یزدان چراغ
  • ’Tis not a comparison, ’tis a parable thereof, (which is used) in order that he who is bewildered may get a scent (of the reality).
  • مثل نبود آن مثال آن بود ** تا برد بوی آنک او حیران بود
  • In short, the woman saw that (Bounty) and became intoxicated: at that revelation the weak (creature) fell into an ecstasy.
  • حاصل آن زن دید آن را مست شد ** زان تجلی آن ضعیف از دست شد