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  • You make them flow in whatever direction you wish: (even) as that quality (of disposition) was (in this world), such do you make it (the effect) to be (in the next world), 3465
  • هر طرف خواهی روانش می‌کنی ** آن صفت چون بد چنانش می‌کنی
  • As (for example) your semen, which is at your command— the progeny thereof are ready to (obey) your command.
  • چون منی تو که در فرمان تست ** نسل آن در امر تو آیند چست
  • Your young son runs (obediently) at your command, saying, “I am the part of thee which thou didst deposit (in my mother's womb).”
  • می‌دود بر امر تو فرزند نو ** که منم جزوت که کردی‌اش گرو
  • That (praiseworthy) quality was (obedient) to your command in this world: likewise (in the next world) those rivers flow at your command.
  • آن صفت در امر تو بود این جهان ** هم در امر تست آن جوها روان
  • Those trees (of Paradise) are obedient to you, because those trees are (made) fruitful by your (good) qualities.
  • آن درختان مر ترا فرمان‌برند ** کان درختان از صفاتت با برند
  • Since these qualities are (obedient) to your command here, so your recompense is at your command there. 3470
  • چون به امر تست اینجا این صفات ** پس در امر تست آنجا آن جزات
  • When blows proceeded from your hand against the victim of injustice, they became a tree (in Hell): the Zaqqúm grew from them.
  • چون ز دستت زخم بر مظلوم رست ** آن درختی گشت ازو زقوم رست
  • When in anger you threw fire into (people's) hearts, you became the source of Hell-fire.
  • چون ز خشم آتش تو در دلها زدی ** مایه‌ی نار جهنم آمدی
  • Since here (in this world) your fire was burning mankind, that which was born of it was kindling men (in Hell).
  • آتشت اینجا چو آدم سوز بود ** آنچ از وی زاد مرد افروز بود
  • Your fire (of anger) makes an attack on the people (here): the fire that sprang from it rushes against the people (there).
  • آتش تو قصد مردم می‌کند ** نار کز وی زاد بر مردم زند