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  • Even so in death: we go all alike, (but) half of us are losers and (the other) half are (fortunate as) emperors.
  • همچنان در مرگ یکسان می‌رویم ** نیم در خسران و نیمی خسرویم
  • How Bilál, may God be well-pleased with him, died rejoicing.
  • وفات یافتن بلال رضی الله عنه با شادی
  • When Bilál from weakness became (thin) as the new-moon, the hue of death fell upon Bilál's face.
  • چون بلال از ضعف شد همچون هلال ** رنگ مرگ افتاد بر روی بلال
  • His wife saw him (in this state) and cried, “Oh, sorrow!” Then Bilál said to her, “Nay, nay! (Say), ‘Oh, joy!’
  • جفت او دیدش بگفتا وا حرب ** پس بلالش گفت نه نه وا طرب
  • Until now I have been in sorrow from living: how shouldst thou know how delightful death is, and what it is (in reality)?”
  • تا کنون اندر حرب بودم ز زیست ** تو چه دانی مرگ چون عیشست و چیست
  • He was saying this, and at the very moment of saying it his countenance was blooming with narcissi, rose-leaves, and red anemones. 3520
  • این همی گفت و رخش در عین گفت ** نرگس و گلبرگ و لاله می‌شکفت
  • The glow of his face and his eye full of radiance were giving testimony to (the truth of) his words.
  • تاب رو و چشم پر انوار او ** می گواهی داد بر گفتار او
  • Every black-hearted one was regarding him as black (and despising him); (but) why is the man (pupil) of the eye black?
  • هر سیه دل می سیه دیدی ورا ** مردم دیده سیاه آمد چرا
  • The man (spiritually) blind is black-faced, (but) the Man of the (inward) eye (the Seer) is the mirror for the Moon.
  • مردم نادیده باشد رو سیاه ** مردم دیده بود مرآت ماه
  • Who in the world, indeed, sees the man of your (inward) eye except the Man of piercing sight?
  • خود کی بیند مردم دیده‌ی ترا ** در جهان جز مردم دیده‌فزا
  • Since none but the Man of the eye beheld it, who, then, but he attained to (knowledge of) its (essential) colour? 3525
  • چون به غیر مردم دیده‌ش ندید ** پس به غیر او کی در رنگش رسید