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  • He takes these two (examples) which produce (spiritual) darkness: how should (his) ill fate put aught but this in his heart?
  • این دو را گیرد که تاریکی دهد ** در دلش ادبار جز این کی نهد
  • Oh, there is many a one that eats bread with a glad heart, and it becomes the death of him: it sticks in his gullet.
  • بس کسا که نان خورد دلشاد او ** مرگ او گردد بگیرد در گلو
  • Go, then, O ill-fated man, do not eat bread at all, lest thou fall like him into bale and woe!
  • پس تو ای ادبار رو هم نان مخور ** تا نیفتی همچو او در شور و شر
  • Hundreds of thousands of folk are eating loaves of bread and gaining strength and nourishing the (vital) spirit.
  • صد هزاران خلق نانها می‌خورند ** زور می‌یابند و جان می‌پرورند
  • How hast thou fallen into that rare (calamity), unless thou art deprived (of blessedness) and art born a fool? 4795
  • تو بدان نادر کجا افتاده‌ای ** گر نه محرومی و ابله زاده‌ای
  • He (the ill-fated man) has forsaken this world full of sunshine and moonlight and has plunged his head into the pit,
  • این جهان پر آفتاب و نور ماه ** او بهشته سر فرو برده به چاه
  • Saying, “If it is true, then where is the radiance?” Lift up thy head from the pit and look, O miserable wretch!
  • که اگر حقست پس کو روشنی ** سر ز چه بردار و بنگر ای دنی
  • The whole world, east and west, obtained that light, (but) whilst thou art in the pit it will not shine upon thee.
  • جمله عالم شرق و غرب آن نور یافت ** تا تو در چاهی نخواهد بر تو تافت
  • Leave the pit, go to the palace and the vineyards; do not wrangle here, know that quarrelling is unlucky.
  • چه رها کن رو به ایوان و کروم ** کم ستیز اینجا بدان کاللج شوم
  • Beware! Do not say, “Mark you, such and such a one sowed seed, and in such and such a year the locusts devoured what he had sown. 4800
  • هین مگو کاینک فلانی کشت کرد ** در فلان سالی ملخ کشتش بخورد