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  • He would gaily put his hand on his moustache as a sign, meaning, “Look at my moustache!
  • دست بر سبلت نهادی در نوید ** رمز یعنی سوی سبلت بنگرید
  • For this is the witness to the truth of my words, and this is the token of my eating greasy and delicious food.” 735
  • کین گواه صدق گفتار منست ** وین نشان چرب و شیرین خوردنست
  • His belly would say in soundless (mute) response, “May God destroy the plots of the liars!
  • اشکمش گفتی جواب بی‌طنین ** که اباد الله کید الکاذبین
  • Thy boasting hath set me on fire: may that greasy moustache of thine be torn out!
  • لاف تو ما را بر آتش بر نهاد ** کان سبال چرب تو بر کنده باد
  • Were it not for thy foul boasting, O beggar, some generous man would have taken pity on me;
  • گر نبودی لاف زشتت ای گدا ** یک کریمی رحم افکندی به ما
  • And if thou hadst shown the ailment and hadst not played false, some physician would have prepared a remedy for it.”
  • ور نمودی عیب و کژ کم باختی ** یک طبیبی داروی او ساختی
  • God hath said, “Do not move ear or tail crookedly:their veracity shall profit the veracious.” 740
  • گفت حق که کژ مجنبان گوش و دم ** ینفعن الصادقین صدقهم
  • Ne recurvatus in antro dormiveris, O tu qui passus es nocturnam pollutionem: reveal that which you have, and act straight; [Do not sleep bent in a cave, O you (who have) soiled (yourself) in the night (with sperm): reveal that which you have, and act straight;]
  • گفت اندر کژ مخسپ ای محتلم ** آنچ داری وا نما و فاستقم
  • Or if you tell not your fault, at least refrain from (idle) talk: do not kill yourself by ostentation and trickery.
  • ور نگویی عیب خود باری خمش ** از نمایش وز دغل خود را مکش
  • If you have got any money, do not open your mouth: there are touchstones on the Way,
  • گر تو نقدی یافتی مگشا دهان ** هست در ره سنگهای امتحان