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  • And if the viciousness of that desire had been shown, thy soul of its own accord would have recoiled from seeking (to gratify it). 1350
  • ور نمودی علت آن آرزو ** خود رمیدی جان تو زان جست و جو
  • If He (God) had shown unto thee the faultiness of that work, no one, dragging (thee) along (by force), would have taken thee in that direction;
  • گر نمودی عیب آن کار او ترا ** کس نبردی کش کشان آن سو ترا
  • And (as regards) that other work from which thou art exceedingly averse, the reason is that its faultiness has come into clear view.
  • وان دگر کار کز آن هستی نفور ** زان بود که عیبش آمد در ظهور
  • O God who knowest the secret and who art gracious in speech, do not hide from us the faultiness of the evil work;
  • ای خدای رازدان خوش‌سخن ** عیب کار بد ز ما پنهان مکن
  • (And) do not show unto us the faultiness of the good work, lest we become cold (disgusted) and distracted from journeying (in the Way).
  • عیب کار نیک را منما به ما ** تا نگردیم از روش سرد و هبا
  • According to that (aforesaid) habit, the exalted Solomon went into the Mosque in the brightness (of dawn). 1355
  • هم بر آن عادت سلیمان سنی ** رفت در مسجد میان روشنی
  • The king was seeking (to observe) the daily rule of seeing the new plants in the Mosque.
  • قاعده‌ی هر روز را می‌جست شاه ** که ببیند مسجد اندر نو گیاه
  • The heart with that pure eye (which it possesses) sees occultly the (spiritual) herbs that are invisible to the vulgar.
  • دل ببیند سر بدان چشم صفی ** آن حشایش که شد از عامه خفی
  • Story of the Súfí who, head on knee, was engaged in (spiritual) meditation in the garden: his friends said to him, "Lift up thy head and enjoy the garden and the sweet herbs and the birds and the marks of the mercy of God most High."
  • قصه‌ی صوفی کی در میان گلستان سر به زانو مراقب بود یارانش گفتند سر برآور تفرج کن بر گلستان و ریاحین و مرغان و آثار رحمةالله تعالی
  • In the orchard a certain Súfí laid his face in Súfí fashion upon his knee for the sake of (mystical) revelation;
  • صوفیی در باغ از بهر گشاد ** صوفیانه روی بر زانو نهاد
  • Then he sank deep down into himself. An impertinent fellow was annoyed by his semblance of slumber.
  • پس فرو رفت او به خود اندر نغول ** شد ملول از صورت خوابش فضول