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  • There remains another sort (of men: they are engaged) in warfare: (they are) half animal, half (spiritually) alive and endowed with good guidance.
  • ماند یک قسم دگر اندر جهاد ** نیم حیوان نیم حی با رشاد
  • Day and night in strife and mutual struggle, his (such a one's) last (state) battles with his first.
  • روز و شب در جنگ و اندر کش‌مکش ** کرده چالیش آخرش با اولش
  • The battle of the reason against the flesh is like the contention of Majnún with his she camel: Majnún's inclination is towards the noble woman (Laylá), while the she camel's inclination is (to go) back towards her foal, as Majnún said (in verse): "My she-camel's love is behind me, while my love is in front of me; and verily I and she are discordant."
  • چالیش عقل با نفس هم چون تنازع مجنون با ناقه میل مجنون سوی حره میل ناقه واپس سوی کره چنانک گفت مجنون هوا ناقتی خلفی و قدامی الهوی و انی و ایاها لمختلفان
  • Assuredly they (the reason and the flesh) are like Majnún and his she-camel: that one is pulling forward and this one backward in (mutual) enmity.
  • هم‌چو مجنون‌اند و چون ناقه‌ش یقین ** می‌کشد آن پیش و این واپس به کین
  • Majnún's desire is speeding to the presence of that (beloved) Laylá; the she camel's desire is running back after her foal.
  • میل مجنون پیش آن لیلی روان ** میل ناقه پس پی کره دوان
  • If Majnún forgot himself for one moment, the she-camel would turn and go back. 1535
  • یک دم ار مجنون ز خود غافل بدی ** ناقه گردیدی و واپس آمدی
  • Since his body was full of love and passion, he had no resource but to become beside himself.
  • عشق و سودا چونک پر بودش بدن ** می‌نبودش چاره از بی‌خود شدن
  • That which is regardful was (ever) reason: passion for Laylá carried (his) reason away.
  • آنک او باشد مراقب عقل بود ** عقل را سودای لیلی در ربود
  • But the she-camel was very regardful and alert: whenever she saw her toggle slack
  • لیک ناقه بس مراقب بود و چست ** چون بدیدی او مهار خویش سست
  • She would at once perceive that he had become heedless and dazed, and would turn her face back to the foal without delay.
  • فهم کردی زو که غافل گشت و دنگ ** رو سپس کردی به کره بی‌درنگ
  • When he came to himself again, he would see on the spot that she had gone back many leagues. 1540
  • چون به خود باز آمدی دیدی ز جا ** کو سپس رفتست بس فرسنگها