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  • When you eat once of the light you will pour earth over the (material) bread and oven.
  • چون خوری یکبار از ماکول نور ** خاک ریزی بر سر نان و تنور
  • Intelligence consists of two intelligences; the former is the acquired one which you learn, like a boy at school, 1960
  • عقل دو عقلست اول مکسبی ** که در آموزی چو در مکتب صبی
  • From book and teacher and reflexion and (committing to) memory, and from concepts, and from excellent and virgin (hitherto unstudied) sciences.
  • از کتاب و اوستاد و فکر و ذکر ** از معانی وز علوم خوب و بکر
  • (By this means) your intelligence becomes superior to (that of) others; but through preserving (retaining in your mind) that (knowledge) you are heavily burdened.
  • عقل تو افزون شود بر دیگران ** لیک تو باشی ز حفظ آن گران
  • You, (occupied) in wandering and going about (in search of knowledge), are a preserving (recording) tablet; the preserved tablet is he that has passed beyond this.
  • لوح حافظ باشی اندر دور و گشت ** لوح محفوظ اوست کو زین در گذشت
  • The other intelligence is the gift of God: its fountain is in the midst of the soul.
  • عقل دیگر بخشش یزدان بود ** چشمه‌ی آن در میان جان بود
  • When the water of (God-given) knowledge gushes from the breast, it does not become fetid or old or yellow (impure); 1965
  • چون ز سینه آب دانش جوش کرد ** نه شود گنده نه دیرینه نه زرد
  • And if its way of issue (to outside) be stopped, what harm? for it gushes continually from the house (of the heart).
  • ور ره نبعش بود بسته چه غم ** کو همی‌جوشد ز خانه دم به دم
  • The acquired intelligence is like the conduits which run into a house from the streets:
  • عقل تحصیلی مثال جویها ** کان رود در خانه‌ای از کویها
  • (If) its (the house’s) water-way is blocked, it is without any supply (of water) Seek the fountain from within yourself!
  • راه آبش بسته شد شد بی‌نوا ** از درون خویشتن جو چشمه را
  • Story that some one was consulting another, who said, "Consult some one else, for I am your enemy."
  • قصه‌ی آنک کسی به کسی مشورت می‌کرد گفتش مشورت با دیگری کن کی من عدوی توم