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  • His blind spirit is stepping in every direction: it will not escape in the end, but it is leaping up.
  • جان کورش گام هر سو می‌نهد ** عاقبت نجهد ولی بر می‌جهد
  • Story of the lake and the fishermen and the three fishes, one intelligent and one half intelligent and the third deluded, foolish, heedless and good-for-naught; and the end of all three.
  • قصه‌ی آن آبگیر و صیادان و آن سه ماهی یکی عاقل و یکی نیم عاقل وان دگر مغرور و ابله مغفل لاشی و عاقبت هر سه
  • This, O obstinate man, is the story of the lake in which there were three great fishes.
  • قصه‌ی آن آبگیرست ای عنود ** که درو سه ماهی اشگرف بود
  • You will have read it in Kalíla, but that is (only) the husk of the story, while this is the spiritual kernel.
  • در کلیله خوانده باشی لیک آن ** قشر قصه باشد و این مغز جان
  • Some fishermen passed beside the lake and saw that concealed (prey).
  • چند صیادی سوی آن آبگیر ** برگذشتند و بدیدند آن ضمیر
  • Then they hastened to bring the net: the fishes noticed and became aware (of their intention). 2205
  • پس شتابیدند تا دام آورند ** ماهیان واقف شدند و هوشمند
  • The intelligent one resolved to journey, resolved to make the difficult unwelcome journey.
  • آنک عاقل بود عزم راه کرد ** عزم راه مشکل ناخواه کرد
  • He said, “I will not consult these (others), for assuredly they will make me weak (deficient) in power (to fulfil my purpose).
  • گفت با اینها ندارم مشورت ** که یقین سستم کنند از مقدرت
  • Love of their native place and abode holds sway over their souls: their indolence and ignorance will strike on (affect) me.”
  • مهر زاد و بوم بر جانشان تند ** کاهلی و جهلشان بر من زند
  • For consultation, some goodly and (spiritually) living person is required, that he may make thee living; and where is that living one (to be found)?
  • مشورت را زنده‌ای باید نکو ** که ترا زنده کند وان زنده کو
  • O traveller, take counsel with a traveller, for a woman's counsel will keep thy foot lame. 2210
  • ای مسافر با مسافر رای زن ** زانک پایت لنگ دارد رای زن