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  • The glory of youth will be opened to thee in such wise as the good tidings brought by ‘Ukkásha opened (to him) the door (of Paradise).
  • آنچنان بگشایدت فر شباب ** که گشود آن مژده‌ی عکاشه باب
  • [The saying of the Prophet, on whom be peace, "Whosoever shall bring me the glad news of the expiration of (the month) Safar, I will give him the glad news of (his being destined to enter) Paradise."]
  • قوله علیه السلام من بشرنی بخروج صفر بشرته بالجنة
  • The decease of Ahmad (Mohammed), (the prophet) of the last (epoch of) time, will indisputably occur in (the month of) the First Rabí‘. 2585
  • احمد آخر زمان را انتقال ** در ربیع اول آید بی جدال
  • When his heart shall gain knowledge of this moment of decease, he will become intellectually in love with that moment,
  • چون خبر یابد دلش زین وقت نقل ** عاشق آن وقت گردد او به عقل
  • And when (the month) Safar comes, he will rejoice on account of Safar, saying, ‘After this month I will make the journey.’”
  • چون صفر آید شود شاد از صفر ** که پس این ماه می‌سازم سفر
  • From this longing for (the Divine) guidance he (Mohammed) was crying, every night till daybreak, “O most High Companion on the Way!”
  • هر شبی تا روز زین شوق هدی ** ای رفیق راه اعلی می‌زدی
  • He said, “Any person who gives me the good news, when Safar steps forth from this world,
  • گفت هر کس که مرا مژده دهد ** چون صفر پای از جهان بیرون نهد
  • That Safar is past and that the month of Rabí‘ is come—for him I will be a bearer of good news and an intercessor.” 2590
  • که صفر بگذشت و شد ماه ربیع ** مژده‌ور باشم مر او را و شفیع
  • ‘Ukkásha said, “Safar is past and gone.” He (Mohammed) said, “O mighty lion (valiant hero), Paradise is thine.”
  • گفت عکاشه صفر بگذشت و رفت ** گفت که جنت ترا ای شیر زفت
  • Some one else came, saying, “Safar is past.” He (Mohammed) said, “‘Ukkásha has borne away the fruit (has gained the reward) for the good news.”
  • دیگری آمد که بگذشت آن صفر ** گفت عکاشه ببرد از مژده بر
  • Men, therefore, rejoice in the world's departing (from them), while these children rejoice in its abiding (with them).
  • پس رجال از نقل عالم شادمان ** وز بقااش شادمان این کودکان