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  • Count up these corollaries to the third, fourth, or tenth in proportion to (your) insight.
  • تا سوم چارم دهم بر می‌شمر ** این فواید را به مقدار نظر
  • As (for example) the moves in chess, O son: behold the result of each move in the next one.
  • هم‌چو بازیهای شطرنج ای پسر ** فایده‌ی هر لعب در تالی نگر
  • They made this (move) for the sake of that concealed move, and that for the next, and that (again) for such and such. 2890
  • این نهادند بهر آن لعب نهان ** وان برای آن و آن بهر فلان
  • Even so (proceed), having perceived reasons within reasons, one after the other, in order that you may arrive at victory and checkmate.
  • هم‌چنین دیده جهات اندر جهات ** در پی هم تا رسی در برد و مات
  • The first is for the sake of the second, like mounting on the steps of a ladder;
  • اول از بهر دوم باشد چنان ** که شدن بر پایه‌های نردبان
  • And deem the second to be for the sake of the third, (and so on) to the end, in order that you may arrive, step by step, at the roof.
  • و آن دوم بهر سوم می‌دان تمام ** تا رسی تو پایه پایه تا به بام
  • The desire to eat is for the sake of the semen: that semen is for the sake of procreation and the light (which glows in the eyes of parents).
  • شهوت خوردن ز بهر آن منی ** آن منی از بهر نسل و روشنی
  • The man of dull sight sees naught but this: his intelligence is without motion, like the plants of the earth. 2895
  • کندبینش می‌نبیند غیر این ** عقل او بی‌سیر چون نبت زمین
  • Whether the plant is summoned (to move) or not summoned, its foot remains stuck fast in the mud.
  • نبت را چه خوانده چه ناخوانده ** هست پای او به گل در مانده
  • If its head move with the motion of the wind, go, be not deceived by its moving its head.
  • گر سرش جنبد پیر باد رو ** تو به سر جنبانیش غره مشو