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  • My dear friend, read for one moment the table of contents of (books on) Medicine; look at the flaming fire of diseases!
  • جان سر بر خوان دمی فهرست طب ** نار علتها نظر کن ملتهب
  • Through all those tumours (maladies) there is a way (for death) into this house: at every two steps there is a pit full of scorpions.
  • زان همه غرها درین خانه رهست ** هر دو گامی پر ز کزدمها چهست
  • (The king said), “The wind is fierce and my lamp is a docked (imperfect) one: I will light another lamp from it,
  • باد تندست و چراغم ابتری ** زو بگیرانم چراغ دیگری
  • So that maybe one complete (lamp) will arise from them both, if that one lamp be put out by the wind,”
  • تا بود کز هر دو یک وافی شود ** گر به باد آن یک چراغ از جا رود
  • Like the gnostic who, for the sake of (gaining) freedom from care, has lit the candle of the heart (spirit) from this defective lamp of the body, 3110
  • هم‌چو عارف کن تن ناقص چراغ ** شمع دل افروخت از بهر فراغ
  • In order that, one day when this (bodily lamp) dies of a sudden, he may place before his eye the candle of the spirit.
  • تا که روزی کین بمیرد ناگهان ** پیش چشم خود نهد او شمع جان
  • He (the king) did not understand this; therefore in his heedlessness he applied the perishing candle to another perishable.
  • او نکرد این فهم پس داد از غرر ** شمع فانی را بفانیی دگر
  • How the king brought his son a bride for fear of his race coming to an end.
  • عروس آوردن پادشاه فرزند خود را از خوف انقطاع نسل
  • (The king said to himself), “It is necessary, then, to seek a bride for him, that from this marriage offspring may appear,
  • پس عروسی خواست باید بهر او ** تا نماید زین تزوج نسل رو
  • (So that) if this falcon (my son) return to the state of mortality his young may become a falcon after (the death of) the falcon,
  • گر رود سوی فنا این باز باز ** فرخ او گردد ز بعد باز باز
  • (And that) if the form of this falcon go from here, his inward meaning may endure in his son. 3115
  • صورت او باز گر زینجا رود ** معنی او در ولد باقی بود