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  • From it the clouds take their origin, and in it too the torrent hath an end.
  • هم ازو گیرند مایه ابرها ** هم بدو باشد نهایت سیل را
  • The king said to him, “This boy has passed out of control (has lost his wits).” He (the magician) said, “Look you, I am come as a potent remedy. 3165
  • گفت شاهش کین پسر از دست رفت ** گفت اینک آمدم درمان زفت
  • None of these sorcerers is equal to the old woman except me, the sagacious one, who have arrived from yonder shore.
  • نیست همتا زال را زین ساحران ** جز من داهی رسیده زان کران
  • Lo, by command of the Creator, I, like the hand of Moses, will utterly destroy her sorcery;
  • چون کف موسی به امر کردگار ** نک برآرم من ز سحر او دمار
  • For to me this knowledge hath come from yonder region, not from having been schooled in the sorcery which is held cheap (by the wise).
  • که مرا این علم آمد زان طرف ** نه ز شاگردی سحر مستخف
  • I am come to undo her sorcery, so that the prince may not remain pale-faced.
  • آمدم تا بر گشایم سحر او ** تا نماند شاه‌زاده زردرو
  • Go to the graveyard at the hour of the meal taken before dawn: beside the wall is a whitened tomb. 3170
  • سوی گورستان برو وقت سحور ** پهلوی دیوار هست اسپید گور
  • Dig up that place in the direction of the qibla, that thou mayst behold the power and the working of God.”
  • سوی قبله باز کاو آنجای را ** تا ببینی قدرت و صنع خدا
  • This story is very long, and you (O reader) are weary: I will relate the cream (of it), I dismiss what is superfluous.
  • بس درازست این حکایت تو ملول ** زبده را گویم رها کردم فضول
  • He (the magician) untied those heavy knots: then he gave to the king's son a way (of escape) from the affliction.
  • آن گره‌های گران را بر گشاد ** پس ز محنت پور شه را راه داد