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  • Otherwise, dung and musk are both the same to one whose nose is obstructed (by disease), since (in him) there is no sense of smell. 3465
  • ورنه پشک و مشک پیش اخشمی ** هر دو یکسانست چون نبود شمی
  • His aim is to divert himself from ennui (by reading such books), and neglect the Word of the Almighty,
  • خویشتن مشغول کردن از ملال ** باشدش قصد از کلام ذوالجلال
  • That by means of that (entertaining) discourse he may quench the fire of distress and anxiety and provide a cure (for his malady).
  • کاتش وسواس را و غصه را ** زان سخن بنشاند و سازد دوا
  • For the purpose of quenching this amount of fire, pure water and urine are alike in skill (are equally serviceable).
  • بهر این مقدار آتش شاندن ** آب پاک و بول یکسان شدن به فن
  • Both this urine and (this) water will quench the fire of distress, just as (it is quenched) during sleep.
  • آتش وسواس را این بول و آب ** هر دو بنشانند هم‌چون وقت خواب
  • But if thou become (really) acquainted with this pure water, which is the Word of God and spiritual, 3470
  • لیک گر واقف شوی زین آب پاک ** که کلام ایزدست و روحناک
  • All distress will vanish from the soul, and the heart will find its way to the Rose-garden,
  • نیست گردد وسوسه کلی ز جان ** دل بیابد ره به سوی گلستان
  • Because every one who catches a scent of the mystery of the (Divine) scriptures flies into an orchard with a running brook.
  • زانک در باغی و در جویی پرد ** هر که از سر صحف بویی برد
  • Or dost thou suppose that we see the face of the Saints as it is (in reality)?
  • یا تو پنداری که روی اولیا ** آنچنان که هست می‌بینیم ما
  • Hence the Prophet remained in astonishment, saying, “How are the true believers not seeing my face?
  • در تعجب مانده پیغامبر از آن ** چون نمی‌بینند رویم ممنان