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  • If the mote come and weigh the mountain, its scales will be shattered by the mountain, O youth;
  • گر بیاید ذره سنجد کوه را ** بر درد زان که ترازوش ای فتی
  • For he (the novice) applies the scales of his own judgement and puts the man of God in the scales;
  • کز قیاس خود ترازو می‌تند ** مرد حق را در ترازو می‌کند
  • (But) since he (the Shaykh) is not contained by the scales of intellect, consequently he shatters the scales of intellect.
  • چون نگنجد او به میزان خرد ** پس ترازوی خرد را بر درد
  • Know that to make trial (of him) is like exercising authority over him: do not seek to exercise authority over such a (spiritual) king. 380
  • امتحان هم‌چون تصرف دان درو ** تو تصرف بر چنان شاهی مجو
  • What authority should the pictures (phenomenal forms) desire to exercise over such an Artist for the purpose of testing Him?
  • چه تصرف کرد خواهد نقشها ** بر چنان نقاش بهر ابتلا
  • If it (the picture) has known and experienced any trial, is it not the case that the Artist brought that (trial) upon it?
  • امتحانی گر بدانست و بدید ** نی که هم نقاش آن بر وی کشید
  • Indeed, this form that He fashioned—what is it worth in comparison with the forms which are in His knowledge?
  • چه قدر باشد خود این صورت که بست ** پیش صورتها که در علم ویست
  • When the temptation to make this trial has come to you, know that ill fortune has come and smitten your neck.
  • وسوسه‌ی این امتحان چون آمدت ** بخت بد دان کمد و گردن زدت
  • When you feel such a temptation, at once, at once turn unto God and begin the prostration (in prayer). 385
  • چون چنین وسواس دیدی زود زود ** با خدا گرد و در آ اندر سجود
  • Make the place of prostration wet with flowing tears and say, “O God, do Thou deliver me from this doubt!”
  • سجده گه را تر کن از اشک روان ** کای خدا تو وا رهانم زین گمان