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  • Beside the single-facedness (sincerity) of the pure (in spirit), that double-facedness has become a fault (even) in the wall.
  • گشته با یک‌رویی اهل صفا ** آن دورویی عیب مر دیوار را
  • All this veneration and magnification and affection (which they had shown towards the Prophet) the wind swept away, as soon as they saw him in (bodily) form.
  • این همه تعظیم و تفخیم و وداد ** چون بدیدندش به صورت برد باد
  • The false coin saw the fire and immediately became black: when has there (ever) been a way for the false coin (of hypocrisy) to enter the (pure) heart?
  • قلب آتش دید و در دم شد سیاه ** قلب را در قلب کی بودست راه
  • The false coin was talking boastfully of its desire for the touchstone, that it might cast the (sincere) disciples into doubt.
  • قلب می‌زد لاف اشواق محک ** تا مریدان را دراندازد به شک
  • A worthless one falls into the snare of its deceit; (for) from every base fellow the thought pops up, 3850
  • افتد اندر دام مکرش ناکسی ** این گمان سر بر زند از هر خسی
  • That if this were not genuine coin, how should it have become eager for the touchstone?
  • کین اگر نه نقد پاکیزه بدی ** کی به سنگ امتحان راغب شدی
  • It desires the touchstone, but one of such a kind that its falseness will not be clearly exposed thereby.
  • او محک می‌خواهد اما آنچنان ** که نگردد قلبی او زان عیان
  • The touchstone that keeps hidden the quality (of that which is tested) is not a (true) touchstone, nor (is it) the (discriminating) light of knowledge.
  • آن محک که او نهان دارد صفت ** نی محک باشد نه نور معرفت
  • The mirror that keeps hidden the defects of the face to flatter every cuckold
  • آینه کو عیب رو دارد نهان ** از برای خاطر هر قلتبان
  • Is not a (true) mirror; it is hypocritical. Do not seek such a mirror so long as you can (help). 3855
  • آینه نبود منافق باشد او ** این چنین آیینه تا توانی مجو