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  • Even as in (the spiritual) warfare King Solomon drew the cavalry and foot-soldiers of Bilqís (towards him),
  • هم‌چنان که شه سلیمان در نبرد ** جذب خیل و لشکر بلقیس کرد
  • Saying, “O honoured men, come quickly, quickly, for the waves have risen from the sea of bounty.
  • که بیایید ای عزیزان زود زود ** که برآمد موجها از بحر جود
  • At every moment the surge of its waves is scattering shorewards a hundred pearls without danger (to those who seek them). 720
  • سوی ساحل می‌فشاند بی‌خطر ** جوش موجش هر زمانی صد گهر
  • We cry (you) welcome, O people of righteousness, for now Rizwan hath opened the gate of Paradise.”
  • الصلا گفتیم ای اهل رشاد ** کین زمان رضوان در جنت گشاد
  • Then Solomon said, “O couriers, go to Bilqís and believe in this Religion.
  • پس سلیمان گفت ای پیکان روید ** سوی بلقیس و بدین دین بگروید
  • Then bid her come hither with all speed, for verily God inviteth to the (abode of) peace.”
  • پس بگوییدش بیا اینجا تمام ** زود که ان الله یدعوا بالسلام
  • Hark, come speedily, O seeker of felicity, for now is (the time for) manifestations (of spiritual grace) and the opening of the door.
  • هین بیا ای طالب دولت شتاب ** که فتوحست این زمان و فتح باب
  • O thou who art not a seeker, come thou also, that thou mayst gain (the gift of) seeking (felicity) from this faithful Friend. 725
  • ای که تو طالب نه‌ای تو هم بیا ** تا طلب یابی ازین یار وفا
  • The cause of the emigration of (Ibráhím son of) Adham, may God sanctify his spirit, and his abandoning the kingdom of Khurásán.
  • سبب هجرت ابراهیم ادهم قدس الله سره و ترک ملک خراسان
  • Quickly dash to pieces the kingdom (of this world), like (Ibráhím son of) Adham, that like him thou mayst gain the kingdom of everlasting life.
  • ملک برهم زن تو ادهم‌وار زود ** تا بیابی هم‌چو او ملک خلود
  • At night that king was asleep on his throne, (while) on the roof (of the palace) the guards were exercising authority.
  • خفته بود آن شه شبانه بر سریر ** حارسان بر بام اندر دار و گیر