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  • Eat less of the grain, do not patch (the body) so much (with food): after having recited eat ye, recite (also) do not exceed,
  • دانه کمتر خور مکن چندین رفو  ** چون کلوا خواندی بخوان لا تسرفوا 
  • So that you may eat the grain and (yet) not fall into the trap. Knowledge and contentment effect this. And (now) farewell.
  • تا خوری دانه نیفتی تو به دام  ** این کند علم و قناعت والسلام 
  • The wise man gets happiness from the present life, not sorrow, (while) the ignorant are left in disappointment and regret.
  • نعمت از دنیا خورد عاقل نه غم  ** جاهلان محروم مانده در ندم 
  • When the trap-cord (of sensuality) falls on their throats, it becomes unlawful (forbidden) to them all to eat the grain. 1410
  • چون در افتد در گلوشان حبل دام  ** دانه خوردن گشت بر جمله حرام 
  • How should the bird in the trap eat (enjoy) the grain? The grain in the trap is like poison (to him), if he feed (on it).
  • مرغ اندر دام دانه کی خورد  ** دانه چون زهرست در دام ار چرد 
  • (Only) the heedless bird will eat grain from the trap, as these common folk do in the trap of the present world.
  • مرغ غافل می‌خورد دانه ز دام  ** هم‌چو اندر دام دنیا این عوام 
  • Again, the knowing and prudent birds have debarred themselves from the grain;
  • باز مرغان خبیر هوشمند  ** کرده‌اند از دانه خود را خشک‌بند 
  • For the grain in the trap is poisonous food: blind is the bird that desires the grain in the trap.
  • که اندرون دام دانه زهرباست  ** کور آن مرغی که در فخ دانه خواست 
  • The Owner of the trap cut off the heads of the foolish ones, and conducted the clever ones to the (exalted) assembly-places; 1415
  • صاحب دام ابلهان را سر برید  ** وآن ظریفان را به مجلسها کشید 
  • For in the former (only) the flesh is serviceable, but in the clever ones (their) song and warble soft and low.
  • که از آنها گوشت می‌آید به کار  ** وز ظریفان بانگ و ناله‌ی زیر و زار