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  • Greed was predominant (in them), and gold had become (dear to them) as their souls: at that moment the cry of reason was unheard.
  • حرص غالب بود و زر چون جان شده  ** نعره‌ی عقل آن زمان پنهان شده 
  • Greed and its clamours had become hundredfold; wisdom and its suggestions had vanished, 2060
  • گشته صدتو حرص و غوغاهای او  ** گشته پنهان حکمت و ایمای او 
  • To the end that he (the greedy man) may fall into the pit of delusion, and then hearken to the reproaches of Wisdom.
  • تا که در چاه غرور اندر فتد  ** آنگه از حکمت ملامت بشنود 
  • When his wind (idle self-conceit) is broken by imprisonment in the trap,the rebuking soul gets the upper hand over him.
  • چون ز بند دام باد او شکست  ** نفس لوامه برو یابید دست 
  • Until his head comes against the wall of affliction, his deaf ear will not listen to the counsel of his heart.
  • تا به دیوار بلا ناید سرش  ** نشنود پند دل آن گوش کرش 
  • Greed for walnut-cake and sugar makes the ears of children deaf to admonitions;
  • کودکان را حرص گوزینه و شکر  ** از نصیحتها کند دو گوش کر 
  • (Only) when the pain of his abscess begins do his (the child's) ears become open to good advice. 2065
  • چونک دردت دنبلش آغاز شد  ** در نصیحت هر دو گوشش باز شد 
  • Then the party (of searchers), with cupidity and a hundred kinds of vain desire, opened the chamber.
  • حجره را با حرص و صدگونه هوس  ** باز کردند آن زمان آن چند کس 
  • They swarmed in through the doorway, jostling each other, like vermin (falling) on fetid buttermilk.
  • اندر افتادند از در ز ازدحام  ** هم‌چو اندر دوغ گندیده هوام