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  • She saw her husband standing up (and engaged) in the ritual prayer: the wife was made suspicious by (all) that agitation. 2200
  • شوی خود را دید قایم در نماز  ** در گمان افتاد زن زان اهتزاز 
  • Periculi nulla ratione habita, mariti laciniam sustulit: testiculos et penem videt semine inquinatos. [She raised (her) husband’s skirt without risk; she saw (his) testicles and penis soiled with sperm.]
  • شوی را برداشت دامن بی‌خطر  ** دید آلوده‌ی منی خصیه و ذکر 
  • Seminis quod reliquum erat e pene stillabat: femur genuque inquinata et spurca evaserant. [Remnants of sperm were dripping from (his) penis; his thighs and knees had become soiled and filthy.]
  • از ذکر باقی نطفه می‌چکید  ** ران و زانو گشت آلوده و پلید 
  • Caput ejus colapho percussit et “O vilissime,” inquit, “num hujusmodi sunt testiculi viri preces sollennes rite facientis? [She slapped at his head and said, “O despicable (one), are these the testicles of a man of prayer?]
  • بر سرش زد سیلی و گفت ای مهین  ** خصیه‌ی مرد نمازی باشد این 
  • Num iste penis cum Dei commemoratione precibusque sollennibus conveniens est? Num femur tale et inguen sordibus plenum. [Is this (soiled) penis worthy of commemoration (of God) and ritual prayer, or these thighs and groin full of filth?]
  • لایق ذکر و نمازست این ذکر  ** وین چنین ران و زهار پر قذر 
  • Deal equitably (answer fairly): is a scroll (a register of actions) full of injustice and wickedness and unbelief and enmity fit (to be placed) in the right hand? 2205
  • نامه‌ی پر ظلم و فسق و کفر و کین  ** لایقست انصاف ده اندر یمین 
  • If you ask an infidel, “By whom were this heaven and these creatures and this world created?”
  • گر بپرسی گبر را کین آسمان  ** آفریده‌ی کیست وین خلق و جهان 
  • He will reply that they were created by the Lord to whose Lordship the Creation bears witness.
  • گوید او کین آفریده‌ی آن خداست  ** که آفرینش بر خدایی‌اش گواست 
  • Do his unbelief and great wickedness and wrong-doing fit (properly agree with) such a confession by him?
  • کفر و فسق و استم بسیار او  ** هست لایق با چنین اقرار او 
  • Do those infamous deeds and that vicious conduct go fitly with such a true confession?
  • هست لایق با چنین اقرار راست  ** آن فضیحتها و آن کردار کاست