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  • (When) those Arab horses returned from the campaign, they all fell down and lay on their backs in the stable.
  • از غزا باز آمدند آن تازیان  ** اندر آخر جمله افتاده ستان 
  • Their legs were tightly bandaged with (strips of) canvas: the farriers were standing in file,
  • پایهاشان بسته محکم با نوار  ** نعلبندان ایستاده بر قطار 
  • Piercing their bodies with the scalpel in order to extract the barbs from their wounds.
  • می‌شکافیدند تن‌هاشان بنیش  ** تا برون آرند پیکانها ز ریش 
  • The ass saw (all) that, and was saying, “O God, I am satisfied with poverty and health. 2380
  • آن خر آن را دید و می‌گفت ای خدا  ** من به فقر و عافیت دادم رضا 
  • I have no taste for that (plentiful) food and those hideous wounds.” Every one who desires (spiritual) health abandons the world.
  • زان نوا بیزارم و زان زخم زشت  ** هرکه خواهد عافیت دنیا بهشت 
  • How the fox disapproved of the saying of the ass, “I am satisfied with my lot.”
  • ناپسندیدن روباه گفتن خر را کی من راضیم به قسمت 
  • The fox said, “It is an (indispensable) obligation to seek lawful provision in obedience (to the Divine command).
  • گفت روبه جستن رزق حلال  ** فرض باشد از برای امتثال 
  • (This) is the world of means: nothing is obtained without a means: therefore it is important (necessary) to seek (provision).
  • عالم اسباب و چیزی بی‌سبب  ** می‌نباید پس مهم باشد طلب 
  • ‘And seek ye of the bounty of God’ is (a Divine) command, lest they (men) should seize (the property of others) by violence, like the leopard.
  • وابتغوا من فضل الله است امر  ** تا نباید غصب کردن هم‌چو نمر 
  • The Prophet hath said, ‘The door is shut against (the arrival of) provision, O youth; and on the door there are locks.’ 2385
  • گفت پیغامبر که بر رزق ای فتی  ** در فرو بسته‌ست و بر در قفلها 
  • Our movement (exertion) and our going to and fro (in search) and our acquisition is a key to that lock and barrier.
  • جنبش و آمد شد ما و اکتساب  ** هست مفتاحی بر آن قفل و حجاب