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  • You may build a ship with money collected (from your friends) or freely given, (but) where is a captain of the ship like Noah?
  • کشتیی سازی ز توزیع و فتوح  ** کو یکی ملاح کشتی هم‌چو نوح 
  • I grant you have (formally) broken the idol, like Abraham, (but) what of devoting the idol, (which is) your body, to the fire (of self-mortification)? 2505
  • بت شکستی گیرم ابراهیم‌وار  ** کو بت تن را فدی کردن بنار 
  • If you have the proof (that you are a true saint), put it into practice: by means of that (practice) make your wooden sword (sharp) as Dhu ’l-faqár.
  • گر دلیلت هست اندر فعل آر  ** تیغ چوبین را بدان کن ذوالفقار 
  • The proof that hinders you from the practice (of saintly works) is (the cause of your incurring) the vengeance of the (Divine) Maker.
  • آن دلیلی که ترا مانع شود  ** از عمل آن نقمت صانع بود 
  • You have emboldened those who are afraid of (travelling on) the Way, (but) underneath (inwardly) you are more tremulous (infirm) than all (the rest).
  • خایفان راه را کردی دلیر  ** از همه لرزان‌تری تو زیر زیر 
  • You lecture to them all on trust in God, (while) you are slitting the vein of the gnat in the air.
  • بر همه درس توکل می‌کنی  ** در هوا تو پشه را رگ می‌زنی 
  • O pathice, qui exercitum praecessisti, barbae tuae mendaciam penis tuus testatur. [O impotent sodomite, (making a false show of) going ahead of the army, your penis (is) witness to the falsehood of your beard (your false claim of manhood).] 2510
  • ای مخنث پیش رفته از سپاه  ** بر دروغ ریش تو کیرت گواه 
  • When the heart is filled with unmanliness, the beard and moustache are a cause of laughter.
  • چون ز نامردی دل آکنده بود  ** ریش و سبلت موجب خنده بود 
  • Make a (vow of) repentance, shed tears like rain, redeem your beard and moustache from laughter.
  • توبه‌ای کن اشک باران چون مطر  ** ریش و سبلت را ز خنده باز خر 
  • Restore your manliness (by engaging) in (devotional) works, that you may become (like) the hot sun in (the sign of) Aries.
  • داروی مردی بخور اندر عمل  ** تا شوی خورشید گرم اندر حمل