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  • So that henceforth I may not listen to any one's temptation: I promise, I vow (that I will not listen), O Helper!’ 2630
  • تا ننوشم وسوسه‌ی کس بعد ازین  ** عهد کردم نذر کردم ای معین 
  • Thereupon God loosed my legs because of my prayer and humble entreaty and indication (of abasement);
  • حق گشاده کرد آن دم پای من  ** زان دعا و زاری و ایمای من 
  • Else the fierce lion would have overtaken me: how would an ass have fared in the grip of a lion?
  • ورنه اندر من رسیدی شیر نر  ** چون بدی در زیر پنجه‌ی شیر خر 
  • Now the lion of the jungle has sent you to me again for the purpose of deceit, O evil companion that you are!”
  • باز بفرستادت آن شیر عرین  ** سوی من از مکر ای بس القرین 
  • (I swear) by the truth of the Holy Person of Allah, the Lord, that a malign snake is better than a malign friend.
  • حق ذات پاک الله الصمد  ** که بود به مار بد از یار بد 
  • The malign snake takes a soul (life) from the man it has bitten; the malign friend leads him into the everlasting Fire. 2635
  • مار بد جانی ستاند از سلیم  ** یار بد آرد سوی نار مقیم 
  • Thy heart secretly steals its disposition from the disposition of thy companion, without speech and talk on his part.
  • از قرین بی‌قول و گفت و گوی او  ** خو بدزدد دل نهان از خوی او 
  • When he casts his shadow over thee, that unprincipled one steals away thy principles from thee.
  • چونک او افکند بر تو سایه را  ** دزدد آن بی‌مایه از تو مایه را 
  • (Even) if thy reason has become (as strong as) a furious dragon, know that the evil companion is an emerald to it.
  • عقل تو گر اژدهایی گشت مست  ** یار بد او را زمرد دان که هست 
  • Through him the eye of thy reason starts out (of the socket): his (vicious) thrusts deliver thee into the hands of pestilence.
  • دیده‌ی عقلت بدو بیرون جهد  ** طعن اوت اندر کف طاعون نهد 
  • The answer of the fox to the ass.
  • جواب گفتن روبه خر را