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  • Since the Sultan of the Judgement desires covetousness from me, dust on the head of contentment henceforth! 2695
  • چون طمع خواهد ز من سلطان دین  ** خاک بر فرق قناعت بعد ازین 
  • He has desired covetousness: how should I be ambitious of glory? He has desired beggary: how should I exercise sovereignty?
  • او مذلت خواست کی عزت تنم  ** او گدایی خواست کی میری کنم 
  • Henceforth beggary and abasement are my (very) soul: in my wallet are twenty (consummate beggars like) ‘Abbás.”
  • بعد ازین کد و مذلت جان من  ** بیست عباس‌اند در انبان من 
  • The Shaykh would go about, with a basket in his hand, (saying, “Give) something, Sir, for God's sake, if He prompt you (to be generous).”
  • شیخ بر می‌گشت زنبیلی به دست  ** شیء لله خواجه توفیقیت هست 
  • His inward experiences were higher than the Footstool and the Throne (of God); his (external) business was (to cry), “Something for God's sake, something for God's sake!”
  • برتر از کرسی و عرش اسرار او  ** شیء لله شیء لله کار او 
  • The prophets, every one, ply this same trade: the people (to whom they are sent) are (really) destitute, (yet) they (the prophets) practise beggary, 2700
  • انبیا هر یک همین فن می‌زنند  ** خلق مفلس کدیه ایشان می‌کنند 
  • Crying, “Lend to God, lend to God,” and persevering contrariously in (the exhortation) “Help God!”
  • اقرضوا الله اقرضوا الله می‌زنند  ** بازگون بر انصروا الله می‌تنند 
  • This Shaykh is going as a suppliant from door to door, (while) in Heaven a hundred doors are opened for the Shaykh,
  • در به در این شیخ می‌آرد نیاز  ** بر فلک صد در برای شیخ باز 
  • Because the beggary that he practised (so) diligently was for the sake of God, not for the sake of his gullet;
  • که آن گدایی که آن به جد می‌کرد او  ** بهر یزدان بود نه از بهر گلو 
  • And even if he had done it for the sake of his gullet, that gullet hath (is endowed with) exorbitance by the Light of God.
  • ور بکردی نیز از بهر گلو  ** آن گلو از نور حق دارد غلو