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  • Because the beggary that he practised (so) diligently was for the sake of God, not for the sake of his gullet;
  • که آن گدایی که آن به جد می‌کرد او  ** بهر یزدان بود نه از بهر گلو 
  • And even if he had done it for the sake of his gullet, that gullet hath (is endowed with) exorbitance by the Light of God.
  • ور بکردی نیز از بهر گلو  ** آن گلو از نور حق دارد غلو 
  • As regards him, the eating of bread and honey and the drinking of milk is better than the forty days' seclusion and the three days' fast of a hundred dervishes. 2705
  • در حق او خورد نان و شهد و شیر  ** به ز چله وز سه روزه‌ی صد فقیر 
  • He eats Light, do not say he eats bread: he sows anemones (though) in appearance he feeds (on them).
  • نور می‌نوشد مگو نان می‌خورد  ** لاله می‌کارد به صورت می‌چرد 
  • Like the flame that consumes the oil (wax) in a candle, from his eating and drinking there is an increase of light for the company.
  • چون شراری کو خورد روغن ز شمع  ** نور افزاید ز خوردش بهر جمع 
  • God hath said, “Be not immoderate,” in reference to the eating of bread; He hath not said, “Be satisfied,” in reference to the eating of Light.
  • نان‌خوری را گفت حق لاتسرفوا  ** نور خوردن را نگفتست اکتفوا 
  • The former was the gullet subject to probation, while this (saintly) gullet was free from immoderation and secure from exorbitance.
  • آن گلوی ابتلا بد وین گلو  ** فارغ از اسراف و آمن از غلو 
  • (In the case of the Shaykh) ’twas (by) the (Divine) command and order, not (from) greed and cupidity: a spirit like that is not a follower of greed. 2710
  • امر و فرمان بود نه حرص و طمع  ** آن چنان جان حرص را نبود تبع 
  • If the elixir say to the copper, “Give thyself up to me,” cupidity does not prevail (over it).
  • گر بگوید کیمیا مس را بده  ** تو به من خود را طمع نبود فره 
  • God had offered to the Shaykh (all) the treasures of the earth down to the seventh tier;
  • گنجهای خاک تا هفتم طبق  ** عرضه کرده بود پیش شیخ حق