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  • The wine of the One (God) is our (real) hands and feet; the apparent hand is (but) a shadow and worthless.’ 3110
  • دست و پای ما می آن واحدست  ** دست ظاهر سایه است و کاسدست 
  • The meaning of ‘whatever God willed came to be,’ i.e. ‘the will is His will and pleasure. Seek His pleasure, be not distressed by the anger of others and the disapproval of others.’ Although the word ‘kána’ (came to be) denotes the past, yet there is no past or future in the action of God, for with God there is neither morn nor eve.
  • معنی ما شاء الله کان یعنی خواست خواست او و رضا رضای او جویید از خشم دیگران و رد دیگران دلتنگ مباشید آن کان اگر چه لفظ ماضیست لیکن در فعل خدا ماضی و مستقبل نباشد کی لیس عند الله صباح و لا مساء 
  • The saying of (God's) servant, ‘whatever God wills comes to pass’ does not signify ‘be lazy (inactive) in that (matter)’;
  • قول بنده ایش شاء الله کان  ** بهر آن نبود که تنبل کن در آن 
  • Nay, it is an incitement to entire self-devotion and exertion, meaning, ‘Make yourself exceedingly ready to perform that service.’
  • بلک تحریضست بر اخلاص و جد  ** که در آن خدمت فزون شو مستعد 
  • If you are told, O sage, that what you wish (will come to pass, and that) you have full power to act according to your desire,
  • گر بگویند آنچ می‌خواهی تو راد  ** کار کار تست برحسب مراد 
  • Then, if you are neglectful (in serving God), ’tis permissible; for what you wish and say will come to pass.
  • آنگهان تنبل کنی جایز بود  ** کانچ خواهی و آنچ گویی آن شود 
  • When (on the contrary) you are told that whatever God wills shall come to pass, and that to Him belongs the authority absolute and everlasting, 3115
  • چون بگویند ایش شاء الله کان  ** حکم حکم اوست مطلق جاودان 
  • Why, then, should not you move round Him like a slave, with the will of a hundred men to perform the devotions due to Him?
  • پس چرا صد مرده اندر ورد او  ** بر نگردی بندگانه گرد او 
  • If you are told that what the vizier wishes (is law and that) his will is paramount in the exercise of authority,
  • گر بگویند آنچ می‌خواهد وزیر  ** خواست آن اوست اندر دار و گیر 
  • Will you at once move round (pay court to) him with the zeal of a hundred men, that he may pour kindness and munificence on your head,
  • گرد او گردان شوی صد مرده زود  ** تا بریزد بر سرت احسان و جود 
  • Or will you flee from the vizier and his palace? This (flight) is not the way to seek his help.
  • یا گریزی از وزیر و قصر او  ** این نباشد جست و جوی نصر او