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  • (If) you behave unjustly, you are damned: the Pen has dried (on that). If you show justice, you eat the fruit (of blessedness): the Pen has dried (on that).
  • ظلم آری مدبری جف القلم  ** عدل آری بر خوری جف القلم 
  • When he (any one) steals, his hand goes: the Pen has dried (on that). (When) he drinks wine, he becomes intoxicated: the Pen has dried (on that). 3135
  • چون بدزدد دست شد جف القلم  ** خورد باده مست شد جف القلم 
  • Do you deem it allowable, can it be allowable, that on account of the (eternally) prior decree God should come, like a person dismissed from office,
  • تو روا داری روا باشد که حق  ** هم‌چو معزول آید از حکم سبق 
  • Saying, ‘The affair has gone out of My hands: do not approach Me so often, do not entreat (Me) so much’?
  • که ز دست من برون رفتست کار  ** پیش من چندین میا چندین مزار 
  • Nay, the meaning is: ‘the Pen has dried (on this that) justice and injustice are not equal in My sight.
  • بلک معنی آن بود جف القلم  ** نیست یکسان پیش من عدل و ستم 
  • I have laid down a distinction between good and evil; I have also laid down a distinction between the bad and the worse.’
  • فرق بنهادم میان خیر و شر  ** فرق بنهادم ز بد هم از بتر 
  • If there be in you a single mote of self-discipline in excess of (that of) your companion, the grace of God will know, 3140
  • ذره‌ای گر در تو افزونی ادب  ** باشد از یارت بداند فضل رب 
  • And will bestow on you that mote's amount of superiority: the mote will step forth as (big as) a mountain (to meet you).
  • قدر آن ذره ترا افزون دهد  ** ذره چون کوهی قدم بیرون نهد 
  • A king before whose throne there is no distinction between the faithful (friend) and the seeker of iniquity—
  • پادشاهی که به پیش تخت او  ** فرق نبود از امین و ظلم‌جو 
  • Between him who trembles in fear of his (the king's) disapproval and him who intrigues against his fortune (empire)—
  • آنک می‌لرزد ز بیم رد او  ** وانک طعنه می‌زند در جد او