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  • You who have served (Him) for fifty years, when have you brought into your possession such a sincerity as this?
  • تو که پنجه سال خدمت کرده‌ای  ** کی چنین صدقی به دست آورده‌ای 
  • Story of the dervish who saw at Herát the well-equipped slaves of the ‘Amíd of Khurásán, mounted on Arab horses and wearing gold-embroidered coats, caps richly ornamented (with silver or gems), etc. He asked, ‘What princes and what kings are these?’ On being told that they were not princes, but the slaves of the ‘Amíd of Khurásán, he turned his face to Heaven, crying, ‘O God, learn from the ‘Amíd how to take care of slaves!’ There (in Khurásán) the State-accountant (Mustawfí) is called ‘Amíd.
  • حکایت آن درویش کی در هری غلامان آراسته‌ی عمید خراسان را دید و بر اسبان تازی و قباهای زربفت و کلاهای مغرق و غیر آن پرسید کی اینها کدام امیرانند و چه شاهانند گفت او را کی اینها امیران نیستند اینها غلامان عمید خراسانند روی به آسمان کرد کی ای خدا غلام پروردن از عمید بیاموز آنجا مستوفی را عمید گویند 
  • A certain unmannerly (dervish) at Herát, when he saw a nobleman's slave 3165
  • آن یکی گستاخ رو اندر هری  ** چون بدیدی او غلام مهتری 
  • Going about in satin raiment with a belt of gold, would turn his face to Heaven,
  • جامه‌ی اطلس کمر زرین روان  ** روی کردی سوی قبله‌ی آسمان 
  • And cry, ‘O God, why dost not Thou learn from this bountiful Khwája how to keep (Thy) slave?
  • کای خدا زین خواجه‌ی صاحب منن  ** چون نیاموزی تو بنده داشتن 
  • O God, let this ra’ís (high dignitary) and chosen (minister) of our king teach Thee how to care for Thy slave.’
  • بنده پروردن بیاموز ای خدا  ** زین رئیس و اختیار شاه ما 
  • He (the dervish) was needy and naked and without food: (’twas) in winter (and) he was trembling exceedingly from the (cold) air.
  • بود محتاج و برهنه و بی‌نوا  ** در زمستان لرز لرزان از هوا 
  • That man (who was) beside himself (with cold and hunger) committed an impertinence: from grossness (of disposition) he displayed an (impious) audacity. 3170
  • انبساطی کرد آن از خود بری  ** جراتی بنمود او از لمتری 
  • He relied on the thousands (infinite number) of (God's) gifts, saying (to himself) that the gnostic has become God's boon-companion.
  • اعتمادش بر هزاران موهبت  ** که ندیم حق شد اهل معرفت 
  • If the king's boon-companion take a liberty, (yet) do not thou behave so, who hast not the same support.
  • گر ندیم شاه گستاخی کند  ** تو مکن آنک نداری آن سند 
  • God gave the waist, and the waist is better than the belt: if any one give (thee) a tiara, (yet) He gave the head (that bears it).
  • حق میان داد و میان به از کمر  ** گر کسی تاجی دهد او داد سر