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  • Thou art as the wind and we as the dust: the wind is hidden while the dust blown by it is plainly visible.
  • انت کالریح و نحن کالغبار  ** تختفی الریح و غبراها جهار 
  • Thou art the Spring, we are fair as the verdant orchard: it (the Spring) is hidden while its bounty is manifest.
  • تو بهاری ما چو باغ سبز خوش  ** او نهان و آشکارا بخششش 
  • Thou art as the spirit, we are like hand and foot: the closing and opening of the hand is due to the spirit.
  • تو چو جانی ما مثال دست و پا  ** قبض و بسط دست از جان شد روا 
  • Thou art as the reason, we are like this tongue: this tongue hath its (power of) expression from the reason.
  • تو چو عقلی ما مثال این زبان  ** این زبان از عقل دارد این بیان 
  • Thou art like the joy, and we are the laughter, for we are the result of (Thy) blessed joy. 3315
  • تو مثال شادی و ما خنده‌ایم  ** که نتیجه‌ی شادی فرخنده‌ایم 
  • (All) our movement (action) is really a continual profession of faith which bears witness to the Eternal Almighty One.
  • جنبش ما هر دمی خود اشهدست  ** که گواه ذوالجلال سرمدست 
  • The turning of the millstone in agitation is a profession of faith in the existence of the waterbrook.
  • گردش سنگ آسیا در اضطراب  ** اشهد آمد بر وجود جوی آب 
  • O Thou who art beyond my conception and utterance, dust be on the head of me and my similes!
  • ای برون از وهم و قال و قیل من  ** خاک بر فرق من و تمثیل من 
  • Thy servant cannot refrain from depicting Thy beauty: every moment he says to Thee, “May my soul be Thy carpet!”
  • بنده نشکیبد ز تصویر خوشت  ** هر دمت گوید که جانم مفرشت 
  • (He is) like the shepherd who used to say, “O God, come to Thy shepherd and lover, 3320
  • هم‌چو آن چوپان که می‌گفت ای خدا  ** پیش چوپان و محب خود بیا