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  • I cannot endure the glowing heat thereof, which is too great for (all) the strivings of my soul (to attain unto it).
  • من ندارم طاقت آن تاب آن  ** که آن فزون آمد ز کوششهای جان 
  • Although I feel no certainty as regards the Faith and Religion (of Islam), yet I believe mightily in his Faith. 3360
  • گرچه در ایمان و دین ناموقنم  ** لیک در ایمان او بس ممنم 
  • I hold the faith that that (Faith of his) is higher than all (others): ’tis very beautiful, resplendent, and glorious.
  • دارم ایمان که آن ز جمله برترست  ** بس لطیف و با فروغ و با فرست 
  • Inwardly I am a believer in his Faith, though a seal is set firmly on my mouth.
  • ممن ایمان اویم در نهان  ** گرچه مهرم هست محکم بر دهان 
  • Again, if indeed the Faith (which thou wouldst have me embrace) is your Faith, I have no inclination or desire for it.
  • باز ایمان خود گر ایمان شماست  ** نه بدان میلستم و نه مشتهاست 
  • He that feels a hundred inclinations to believe—that (inclination) languishes as soon as he sees you (Moslems),
  • آنک صد میلش سوی ایمان بود  ** چون شما را دید آن فاتر شود 
  • Because he sees a (mere) name and no meaning in it, like calling the desert mafáza (a safe place). 3365
  • زانک نامی بیند و معنیش نی  ** چون بیابان را مفازه گفتنی 
  • When he looks upon your Faith, his love is chilled (and shrinks) from professing it.”
  • عشق او ز آورد ایمان بفسرد  ** چون به ایمان شما او بنگرد 
  • Story of the harsh-voiced muezzin who called (the Moslems) to prayer in the land of the infidels and to whom a certain infidel offered presents.
  • حکایت آن مذن زشت آواز کی در کافرستان بانگ نماز داد و مرد کافری او را هدیه داد 
  • A certain muezzin had a very harsh voice: he called (the Moslems to prayer) in the land of the infidels.
  • یک مذن داشت بس آواز بد  ** در میان کافرستان بانگ زد 
  • They said to him several times, “Do not give the call to prayer, for (otherwise) fighting and acts of hostility (against us) will be prolonged.”
  • چند گفتندش مگو بانگ نماز  ** که شود جنگ و عداوتها دراز