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  • By thee the (whole) world is made a place abounding in spirit: a single cavalier becomes the support of a hundred armies.
  • از تو عالم روح زاری می‌شود  ** پشت صد لشکر سواری می‌شود 
  • Inasmuch as this body is the abode (nest) of (these) four dispositions, they are named the four mischief-seeking birds.
  • زانک این تن شد مقام چار خو  ** نامشان شد چار مرغ فتنه‌جو 
  • If thou wish the people to have everlasting life, cut off the heads of these four foul and evil birds,
  • خلق را گر زندگی خواهی ابد  ** سر ببر زین چار مرغ شوم بد 
  • (And then) revive them again in another sort, so that afterwards no harm will be done by them.
  • بازشان زنده کن از نوعی دگر  ** که نباشد بعد از آن زیشان ضرر 
  • The four immaterial birds which infest the Way have made their home in the hearts of the people. 40
  • چار مرغ معنوی راه‌زن  ** کرده‌اند اندر دل خلقان وطن 
  • Since in this epoch thou, O Vicegerent of God, art the commander of all righteous hearts,
  • چون امیر جمله دلهای سوی  ** اندرین دور ای خلیفه‌ی حق توی 
  • Cut off the heads of these four live birds and make everlasting the creatures that are not enduring for ever.
  • سر ببر این چار مرغ زنده را  ** سر مدی کن خلق ناپاینده را 
  • There is the duck and the peacock and the crow and the cock: these are a parable of the four (evil) dispositions in (human) souls.
  • بط و طاوسست و زاغست و خروس  ** این مثال چار خلق اندر نفوس 
  • The duck is greed, and the cock is lust; eminence is like the peacock, and the crow is (worldly) desire.
  • بط حرصست و خروس آن شهوتست  ** جاه چون طاوس و زاغ امنیتست 
  • His (the crow's) object of desire is this, that he forms hopes and wishes for immortality or long life. 45
  • منیتش آن که بود اومیدساز  ** طامع تابید یا عمر دراز