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  • A hundred thousand impressions of the Unseen World are waiting to spring forth graciously and kindly from non-existence.
  • صد هزار آثار غیبی منتظر  ** کز عدم بیرون جهد با لطف و بر 
  • Because of thy urgency my head is reeling: oh, I am dead in the presence of that bounty. 4215
  • از تقاضای تو می‌گردد سرم  ** ای ببرده من به پیش آن کرم 
  • Our desire (for thee) arises from thy urgency: wherever there is a wayfarer, ’tis the pull of God (that draws him on).
  • رغبت ما از تقاضای توست  ** جذبه‌ی حقست هر جا ره‌روست 
  • Does the dust leap upward without a wind? Does a ship voyage without the sea?
  • خاک بی‌بادی به بالا بر جهد  ** کشتی بی‌بحر پا در ره نهد 
  • None (ever) died in the presence of the Water of Life: compared with thy water the Water of Life is (mere) dregs.
  • پیش آب زندگانی کس نمرد  ** پیش آبت آب حیوانست درد 
  • The Water of Life is the goal of those to whom life is dear: by water the garden is (made) verdant and smiling.
  • آب حیوان قبله‌ی جان دوستان  ** ز آب باشد سبز و خندان بوستان 
  • (But) those who quaff the cup of death are living through His love: they have torn their hearts away from life and the Water of Life. 4220
  • مرگ آشامان ز عشقش زنده‌اند  ** دل ز جان و آب جان بر کنده‌اند 
  • When the water of Thy love gave us its hand (was gained by us), the Water of Life became worthless in our sight.
  • آب عشق تو چو ما را دست داد  ** آب حیوان شد به پیش ما کساد 
  • Every soul derives freshness from the Water of Life, but Thou art the Water (Source) of the Water of Life.
  • ز آب حیوان هست هر جان را نوی  ** لیک آب آب حیوانی توی 
  • Thou didst bestow on me a (spiritual) death and a resurrection continually, that I might experience the conquering power of that bounty (of Thine).
  • هر دمی مرگی و حشری دادیم  ** تا بدیدم دست برد آن کرم