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  • Like the praise given to God by the simple shepherd in the presence of Moses the Kalím—
  • هم‌چو مدح مرد چوپان سلیم  ** مر خدا را پیش موسی کلیم 
  • ‘I will seek out Thy lice, I will give Thee milk, I will stitch Thy shoon and lay them before Thee.’
  • که بجویم اشپشت شیرت دهم  ** چارقت دوم من و پیشت نهم 
  • God accepted his vituperation as an expression of praise: if thou also have mercy, ’twill be no marvel.
  • قدح او را حق به مدحی برگرفت  ** گر تو هم رحمت کنی نبود شگفت 
  • Have mercy upon the failure of (our) minds (to comprehend thee), O thou who art beyond (all) understandings and conceptions.”
  • رحم فرما بر قصور فهمها  ** ای ورای عقلها و وهمها 
  • O lovers, new fortune has arrived from the old World that makes (all things) new, 1095
  • ایها العشاق اقبالی جدید  ** از جهان کهنه‌ی نوگر رسید 
  • From the World that is seeking a remedy for them that have no remedy: hundreds of thousands of wonders of the (present) world are (contained) in it.
  • زان جهان کو چاره‌ی بیچاره‌جوست  ** صد هزاران نادره دنیا دروست 
  • Rejoice, O people, since the relief has come; be glad, O people: the distress is removed.
  • ابشروا یا قوم اذ جاء الفرج  ** افرحوا یا قوم قد زال الحرج 
  • A Sun went into the hut of the new-moon, making urgent demands and saying, “Refresh us, O Bilál!
  • آفتابی رفت در کازه‌ی هلال  ** در تقاضا که ارحنا یا بلال 
  • From fear of the foe thou wert wont to speak under thy breath: (now), to his confusion, go up into the minaret and speak (aloud).”
  • زیر لب می‌گفتی از بیم عدو  ** کوری او بر مناره رو بگو 
  • The announcer of glad news is shouting in the ear of every sorrowful one, “Arise, O unlucky man, and take the road to fortune. 1100
  • می‌دمد در گوش هر غمگین بشیر  ** خیز ای مدبر ره اقبال گیر