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  • Saying (to himself), “He (the cadi) is God’s scales and measure, he is the means of deliverance from the deceit and cunning of the Devil. 1490
  • که ترازوی حق است و کیله‌اش  ** مخلص است از مکر دیو و حیله‌اش 
  • He is the scissors for (cutting off) enmities and wranglings, he is the decider of the quarrels and disputes of the two litigants.
  • هست او مقراض احقاد و جدال  ** قاطع جن دو خصم و قیل و قال 
  • His spells put the Devil in the bottle, his legal ruling makes dissensions cease.
  • دیو در شیشه کند افسون او  ** فتنه‌ها ساکن کند قانون او 
  • When the covetous adversary sees the scales (of justice), he abandons rebelliousness and becomes submissive;
  • چون ترازو دید خصم پر طمع  ** سرکشی بگذارد و گردد تبع 
  • But if there are no scales, (even) though you give him more (than his fair share) his shrewdness will never be satisfied with the portion (allotted to him).”
  • ور ترازو نیست گر افزون دهیش  ** از قسم راضی نگردد آگهیش 
  • The cadi is a mercy (bestowed to God) and the means of removing strife: he is a drop from the ocean of the justice of the Resurrection. 1495
  • هست قاضی رحمت و دفع ستیز  ** قطره‌ای از بحر عدل رستخیز 
  • Though the drop be small and short of foot, (yet) by it the purity of the ocean’s water is made manifest.
  • قطره گرچه خرد و کوته‌پا بود  ** لطف آب بحر ازو پیدا بود 
  • If you keep the (outer) veil (coat of the inward eye) free from dust, you will see the Tigris in a single drop (of water).
  • از غبار ار پاک داری کله را  ** تو ز یک قطره ببینی دجله را 
  • The parts bear witness to the state of (their) wholes, so that the afterglow of sunset has become an informer concerning the sun.
  • جزوها بر حال کلها شاهدست  ** تا شفق غماز خورشید آمدست 
  • God applied that oath, (namely), His Words Verily (I swear) by the afterglow of sunset, to the body of Ahmad (Mohammad).
  • آن قسم بر جسم احمد راند حق  ** آنچ فرمودست کلا والشفق