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  • Because the Star will be hidden by that dust: the eye is better than the stumbling tongue.
  • زانک گردد نجم پنهان زان غبار  ** چشم بهتر از زبان با عثار 
  • (Be silent) in order that he may speak whose innermost garment is (Divine) inspiration which lays the dust and does not stir up trouble.
  • تا بگوید او که وحیستش شعار  ** کان نشاند گرد و ننگیزد غبار 
  • When Adam became the theatre of (Divine) inspiration and love, his rational soul revealed (to him) the knowledge of the Names.
  • چون شد آدم مظهر وحی و وداد  ** ناطقه‌ی او علم الاسما گشاد 
  • His tongue, (reading) from the page of his heart, recited the name of everything as it (really) is.
  • نام هر چیزی چنانک هست آن  ** از صحیفه‌ی دل روی گشتش زبان 
  • Through his (inward) vision his tongue was divulging the properties and quiddities of all things. 2650
  • فاش می‌گفتی زبان از ریتش  ** جمله را خاصیت و ماهیتش 
  • (It was bestowing) such a name as fits the things (named), not so as to call a catamite a lion (hero).
  • آنچنان نامی که اشیا را سزد  ** نه چنانک حیز را خواند اسد 
  • Nine hundred years Noah (walked) in the straight way, and every day he had a new sermon to preach.
  • نوح نهصد سال در راه سوی  ** بود هر روزیش تذکیر نوی 
  • His ruby (lip) drew its eloquence from the corundum (precious jewel) in the hearts (of prophets): he had not read (mystical books like) the Risála or the Qútu ’l-qulúb.
  • لعل او گویا ز یاقوت القلوب  ** نه رساله خوانده نه قوت القلوب 
  • He had never learned to preach from (studying) commentaries; nay, (he learned) from the fountain of revelations and from the exposition (set forth) by the spirit—
  • وعظ را ناموخته هیچ از شروح  ** بلک ینبوع کشوف و شرح روح 
  • From the wine that (is so potent that) when it is quaffed the water of speech gushes from (the mouth of) the dumb, 2655
  • زان میی کان می چو نوشیده شود  ** آب نطق از گنگ جوشیده شود