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  • Thereupon furious officers rushed away to arrest and pinion the thieves. 2850
  • پس روان گشتند سرهنگان مست  ** تا که دزدان را گرفتند و ببست 
  • They (the thieves) came handcuffed into the council-chamber, and they were trembling in fear for their lives.
  • دست‌بسته سوی دیوان آمدند  ** وز نهیب جان خود لرزان شدند 
  • When they stood before the King's throne, that moon-like King was their (last) night's companion.
  • چونک استادند پیش تخت شاه  ** یار شبشان بود آن شاه چو ماه 
  • He (the thief) who could without hesitation recognise by day any one on whom he had cast his eye by night
  • آنک چشمش شب بهرکه انداختی  ** روز دیدی بی شکش بشناختی 
  • Saw the King on the throne and said, “This man was going about with us last night and was our comrade.
  • شاه را بر تخت دید و گفت این  ** بود با ما دوش شب‌گرد و قرین 
  • He who has such a great talent in his beard—our arrest is the result of his enquiry.” 2855
  • آنک چندین خاصیت در ریش اوست  ** این گرفت ما هم از تفتیش اوست 
  • His (the thief's) eye was a knower of the King: consequently he opened his lips (to speak) of (mystic) knowledge to his followers.
  • عارف شه بود چشمش لاجرم  ** بر گشاد از معرفت لب با حشم 
  • He said, “This King was (the subject of) and He is with you: he was seeing our actions and hearing our secret.
  • گفت و هو معکم این شاه بود  ** فعل ما می‌دید و سرمان می‌شنود 
  • My eye made its way (to him), recognised the King by night, and all night long played the game of love with his moon-like face.
  • چشم من ره برد شب شه را شناخت  ** جمله شب با روی ماهش عشق باخت 
  • I will beg (forgiveness for) my people from him, for he never averts his face from the knower.
  • امت خود را بخواهم من ازو  ** کو نگرداند ز عارف هیچ رو