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  • What a (wondrous) collyrium is that which God applies (to the spiritual eye), so that the spirit discerns the truth behind a hundred curtains!
  • آن چه سرمه‌ست آنک یزدان می‌کشد  ** کز پس صد پرده بیند جان رشد 
  • Since the Chief's (the Prophet's) eye was ever fixed on the end, by reason of (seeing with) that eye he called the world a carcase. 3475
  • چشم مهتر چون به آخر بود جفت  ** پس بدان دیده جهان را جیفه گفت 
  • On hearing only this single (word of) blame from him (the ‘Imádu ’l-Mulk), the love (that was) in the king's heart for the horse became chilled.
  • زین یکی ذمش که بشنود او وحسپ  ** پس فسرد اندر دل شه مهر اسپ 
  • He abandoned his own eye and preferred his (the ‘Imádu ’l-Mulk's) eye: he abandoned his own intelligence and hearkened to his (the other's) words.
  • چشم خود بگذاشت و چشم او گزید  ** هوش خود بگذاشت و قول او شنید 
  • This (speech of the ‘Imádu ’l-Mulk) was (only) the pretext, and (in reality) at (his) entreaty the unique Judge caused it (the horse) to be cold (despicable) in the king's heart.
  • این بهانه بود و آن دیان فرد  ** از نیاز آن در دل شه سرد کرد 
  • He (God) shut the door on its beauty (made its beauty invisible) to the eye (of the king): those words (of the ‘Imádu ’l-Mulk) intervened (between the king's eye and the horse) like the sound of the door.
  • در ببست از حسن او پیش بصر  ** آن سخن بد در میان چون بانگ در 
  • He (God) made that cryptic saying a veil over the king's eye, a veil through which the moon appears to be black. 3480
  • پرده کرد آن نکته را بر چشم شه  ** که از آن پرده نماید مه سیه 
  • Pure (transcendent) is the Builder who in the unseen world constructs castles of speech and beguiling talk.
  • پاک بنایی که بر سازد حصون  ** در جهان غیب از گفت و فسون 
  • Know that speech is the sound of the door (coming) from the palace of mystery: consider whether it is the sound of opening or shutting.
  • بانگ در دان گفت را از قصر راز  ** تا که بانگ وا شدست این یا فراز 
  • The sound of the door is perceptible, but the door (itself) is beyond perception: ye see (are aware of) this sound, but the door ye see not.
  • بانگ در محسوس و در از حس برون  ** تبصرون این بانگ و در لا تبصرون