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  • Which are (enough for) the full payment of his debt, and more: (this I did) in order that the heart of my guest should not be wounded (torn with anxiety). 3535
  • که وفای وام او هستند و بیش  ** تا که ضیفم را نگردد سینه ریش 
  • He owes nine thousand (pieces) of gold: let him discharge his debt with some of these (jewels).
  • وام دارد از ذهب او نه هزار  ** وام را از بعض این گو بر گزار 
  • There will be a great many of them left over: let him expend (this surplus) and include me too in a benediction.
  • فضله ماند زین بسی گو خرج کن  ** در دعایی گو مرا هم درج کن 
  • I wished to give them (to him) with my own hand: (all) these assignments are written in such-and-such a note-book.
  • خواستم تا آن به دست خود دهم  ** در فلان دفتر نوشتست این قسم 
  • Death, however, did not allow me time to hand over to him secretly the pearls of Aden.
  • خود اجل مهلت ندادم تا که من  ** خفیه بسپارم بدو در عدن 
  • Rubies and corundums for (the payment of) his debt are (stored) in a certain vessel on which his name is written. 3540
  • لعل و یاقوتست بهر وام او  ** در خنوری و نبشته نام او 
  • I have buried it in a certain vault: I have shown solicitude for my ancient friend.
  • در فلان طاقیش مدفون کرده‌ام  ** من غم آن یار پیشین خورده‌ام 
  • None but kings can know the value of that (treasure): take care, then, that they (the purchasers) do not cheat you in the sale.
  • قیمت آن را نداند جز ملوک  ** فاجتهد بالبیع ان لا یخدعوک 
  • In sales (commercial transactions), for fear of being swindled, behave in the same manner as the Prophet, who taught (his followers to demand) three days' option.
  • در بیوع آن کن تو از خوف غرار  ** که رسول آموخت سه روز اختیار 
  • Do not be afraid of it (the treasure) depreciating and do not fall (into anxiety), since the demand for it will never decline.
  • از کساد آن مترس و در میفت  ** که رواج آن نخواهد هیچ خفت