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  • (Now) ’tis for thee to make a move on the (chess-) board: restore thyself to thy normal state (of spiritual health) and thy (natural) vigour.
  • بازی آن تست بر روی بساط  ** خویش را در طبع آر و در نشاط 
  • Anecdote of a king who brought a learned doctor into his banquet-hall by force and made him sit down. (When) the cup-bearer offered him wine and held out the goblet to him, the doctor averted his face and began to look sour and behave rudely. The king said to the cup-bearer, “Come, put him in a good humour.” The cup-bearer beat him on the head several times and made him drink the wine, etc.
  • ذکر آن پادشاه که آن دانشمند را به اکراه در مجلس آورد و بنشاند ساقی شراب بر دانشمند عرضه کرد ساغر پیش او داشت رو بگردانید و ترشی و تندی آغاز کرد شاه ساقی را گفت کی هین در طبعش آر ساقی چندی بر سرش کوفت و شرابش در خورد داد الی آخره 
  • (Whilst) a drunken king was feasting merrily, a certain jurist passed by his gate.
  • پادشاهی مست اندر بزم خوش  ** می‌گذشت آن یک فقیهی بر درش 
  • He gave directions, saying, “Bring him into this hall and give him a drink of the ruby wine.” 3915
  • کرد اشارت کش درین مجلس کشید  ** وان شراب لعل را با او چشید 
  • So they brought him to the king, (for) he had no choice (power to resist): he sat down in the hall, (looking) sour as poison and snakes.
  • پس کشیدندش به شه بی‌اختیار  ** شست در مجلس ترش چون زهر و مار 
  • (When) he (the cup-bearer) offered him wine, he angrily refused it and averted his eyes from the king and the cup-bearer,
  • عرضه کردش می نپذرفت او به خشم  ** از شه و ساقی بگردانید چشم 
  • Saying, “I have never drunk wine in my life: rank poison would please me better than wine.
  • که به عمر خود نخوردستم شراب  ** خوشتر آید از شرابم زهر ناب 
  • Hey, give me some poison instead of the wine, that I may be delivered from myself and ye from this (impoliteness).”
  • هین به جای می به من زهری دهید  ** تا من از خویش و شما زین وا رهید 
  • Without having drunk wine, he began to make a row and became as disagreeable to the company as death and (its) pangs. 3920
  • می نخورده عربده آغاز کرد  ** گشته در مجلس گران چون مرگ و درد 
  • (This is) like (the behaviour of) carnal earthly-minded people in the world when they sit (associate) with spiritual folk.
  • هم‌چو اهل نفس و اهل آب و گل  ** در جهان بنشسته با اصحاب دل 
  • God keeps His elect (ever) drinking secretly the wine of the free.
  • حق ندارد خاصگان را در کمون  ** از می احرار جز در یشربون