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  • From (drinking) the ruby wine of the life-increasing Spirit we are ruby within ruby within ruby.
  • زان شراب لعل جان جان‌فزا  ** لعل اندر لعل اندر لعل ما 
  • Once more the assembly-place has become flourishing and heart-illuminating: arise and burn rue-seed to keep off the evil eye. 945
  • باز خرم گشت مجلس دلفروز  ** خیز دفع چشم بد اسپند سوز 
  • The cries of the joyous drunken (lovers) are coming to me: O Beloved, I want it (to continue) like this unto everlasting.
  • نعره‌ی مستان خوش می‌آیدم  ** تا ابد جانا چنین می‌بایدم 
  • Lo, a new moon (hilálí) has been united with a Bilál: the blows of the (scourge of) thorns have become (delightful) to him (as) roses and pomegranate-flowers.
  • نک هلالی با بلالی یار شد  ** زخم خار او را گل و گلزار شد 
  • (Bilál said), “If my body is (full of holes, like) a sieve from the blows of the (scourge of) thorns, (yet) my soul and body are a rose-garden of felicity.
  • گر ز زخم خار تن غربال شد  ** جان و جسمم گلشن اقبال شد 
  • My body is exposed to the blows of the Jew's (scourge of) thorns, (but) my spirit is intoxicated and enravished by that Loving One.
  • تن به پیش زخم خار آن جهود  ** جان من مست و خراب آن و دود 
  • The scent of a (beloved) Soul is coming towards my soul: the scent of my loving Friend is coming to me.” 950
  • بوی جانی سوی جانم می‌رسد  ** بوی یار مهربانم می‌رسد 
  • (When) Mustafá (Mohammed) came (to earth) from the Ascension, (he pronounced) on his Bilál (the blessing), “How dear to me (art thou), how dear!”
  • از سوی معراج آمد مصطفی  ** بر بلالش حبذا لی حبذا 
  • On hearing this (ecstatic utterance) from Bilál, in whose speech there was no guile, the Siddíq (Abú Bakr) washed his hands of urging him to repent.
  • چونک صدیق از بلال دم‌درست  ** این شنید از توبه‌ی او دست شست 
  • How the Siddíq (Abú Bakr), may God be pleased with him, referred what had happened to Bilál, may God be pleased with him, and his maltreatment by the Jews and his crying “One! One!” and the Jews becoming more incensed (against him); and how he told the story of the affair to Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, and consulted him as to buying him (Bilál) from the Jews.
  • باز گردانیدن صدیق رضی الله عنه واقعه‌ی بلال را رضی الله عنه و ظلم جهودان را بر وی و احد احد گفتن او و افزون شدن کینه‌ی جهودان و قصه کردن آن قضیه پیش مصطفی علیه‌السلام و مشورت در خریدن او 
  • Afterwards the Siddíq related to Mustafá the plight of the faithful Bilál,
  • بعد از آن صدیق پیش مصطفی  ** گفت حال آن بلال با وفا